Our Thoughts On The Film Interstellar!

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The title Interstellar not only refers to interstellar travel, the part that has been primarily advertised, but also interstellar storytelling. While it seems the selling point of Interstellar is the journeying to other planets in other galaxies, there is a second part of the film that takes place on Earth. That doesn’t mean that the sci-fi space travel and scenery is let out, but it does take some time getting there.

The first part of the film takes place completely on Earth in the future, whether it is a distant or not-to-distant future is audience discretion. Earth is becoming a giant dust bowl with all funding and education being geared towards agriculture and farming, which also is becoming a lost cause. Matthew McConaughey is an ex-test pilot turned farmer with 2 young children and a cantankerous father-in-law played by John Lithgow. Through a spectacular turn of events McConaughey and his daughter stumble upon the remnants of NASA whose top secret mission is now to find inhabitable worlds. Skipping over the heavy science and plot point, McConaughey is assigned the task of piloting a ship to find and test new worlds for which the human race can begin again. McConaughey is joined by a team of young scientists (Wes Bentley, Anne Hathaway, and David Gyasi) and 2 robots with lots of personality. Once McConaughey and crew blast off into space the film splits perspectives in two. The first perspective is of course McConaughey and crew in space going to new worlds; this is where most of the spectacle lies. The second perspective takes place back on Earth as another team of scientists led by Michael Caine work on another part of the project. The third act combines all of the different parts of the film into a logical and very far out piece of filmmaking equivalent to the classic film 2001: A Space Odyssey.


Much of Interstellar is reminiscent of 2001: A Space Odyssey in that both delve into the questions of humanity and our place in the whole of existence. In this sense, filmmaker Chris Nolan has continued his excellence in technical filmmaking exploring deep concepts on an epic scale.


On a visual level, the landscapes encompass an entire IMAX screen and the close-up shots are even more powerful in the large format. It is recommended to see Interstellar on an IMAX screen if possible; Nolan is one of the few filmmakers that know how to properly shoot for large formats. Not just visually is Interstellar beautiful, but audibly as well. Han Zimmer, long time collaborator of Chris Nolan’s, provides a score for the film that is haunting in point of despair, inspirational in time of awe, and powerfully emotional in times of intimacy; all while still being completely original.

At almost 3 hours in length, Interstellar is not a standard blockbuster popcorn film; so children and people with short attention spans are not recommended. It is also not heavy on the humor, though there are some very funny parts which mostly involve the 2 robots (voiced by Bill Irwin and Josh Stewart). Interstellar is a piece of art to be taken in slowly and digested over enough time to think about the concepts it discusses.

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  • blogbydonna.com" target="_blank">Donna

    My husband and I are going to see it next Thursday, since it’s the only time both of have 3+ hours free at the same time.

  • swa-rai.com" target="_blank">Raijean

    I’m not into sci-fi but I thought this movie would be worth a shot. Maybe, I will check it out this week.

  • tothemotherhood.com" target="_blank">HilLesha

    I’ll admit that this kind of film is typically not my kind of film to watch, but my curiosity is piqued since Matthew McConaughey is in it. It’s not that I have crush on him or anything, but it’s the mere fact that he is such a terrific actor! 🙂

  • cookiesandclogs.com" target="_blank">TerriAnn @ Cookies & Clogs

    Sounds like it’s a full-on thinking movie. The cast sounds amazing and I’m sure they all do this sci-fi drama justice.