Our Thoughts On Disney/Pixar The Good Dinosaur!

Written By Jesse Delia:


Hey All!

As you all know, I got the opportunity recently to chat with the cast and filmmakers of the awesome new Disney/Pixar film The Good Dinosaur.  This is the latest feature animated film from Disney/Pixar and the first animated feature directed by Peter Sohn. You may remember Peter Sohn as the voice of Squishy in Monster’s University. I’m so thrilled to finally share my thoughts on the film with you today. The film in true Disney/Pixar fashion opens with a short film named SANJAY’S SUPER TEAM. You definitely don’t want to miss this creative and unique animated short. It’s unlike anything Pixar has done before.


The film, The Good Dinosaur, then begins right after the short. This film tells two stories. One being one of what if the dinosaurs never went extinct and the other is essentially a coming of age centered around a friendship between a dinosaur named Arlo and his “pet” cave boy named Spot. I say cave boy as Spot is essentially a baby cave man.


The two are brought together after a series of unfortunate events, that at first make them an unlikely pair to befriend each other. In an attempt at survival in order to get Arlo back home, the unlikely match find themselves becoming fast friends and relying on each other to survive through out the film.


The Good Dinosaur is not only fantastic and touching story wise, the visuals in this film are absolutely stunning. The beautiful panoramic shots of the landscapes, mountain ranges and skies are honestly photo realistic. It’s a sight to see and unlike anything I’ve ever seen in an animated film before. Nature  functions as a key character in the story, hence the dramatic difference in look from the landscape to the characters in the film.


All the characters, including the main characters, are easily lovable and down right fun to watch.


The Good Dinosaur does deal with a topic some kids may not be the most comfortable in dealing with. That topic being death and the dangers of the outside world. It deals with it in a very unique approach that I think is very suitable for kids to see. The film also has a  touching story that will surely leave you shedding a few tears by the end of the film. It’s definitely worth taking the family to see on the big screen, if only for its visuals alone. I really enjoyed this film, but there hasn’t been a Disney/Pixar film that I haven’t enjoyed!

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THE GOOD DINOSAUR is in theatres everywhere now! It’s rate PG. If you’re looking for a great family movie to see over the Thanksgiving weekend, I highly recommend this film!