Our Thoughts On Zoolander 2!


Hey All!

Paramount Pictures presents Zoolander 2; the sequel to the 2001 cult classic Zoolander. Returning as director, co-writer and star from Zoolander is Ben Stiller. Also returning as a writer is John Hamburg (Meet the Parents, I Love You, Man). Joining the team of writers is Nicholas Stoller (Get Him to the Greek) and Justin Theroux. Theroux (Aka Jennifer Aniston’s Hubby) also returns from the first Zoolander. Returning cast includes Owen Wilson (The Internship) as Hansel and Will Ferrell (Anchorman) as Mugatu. Penelope Cruz (Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides) joins the stars as Interpol Agent Valentina.


It’s important to note all of the returning cast and creators from the first Zoolander, because it is very much a sequel. Fans of the original (like myself) will be thrilled with Zoolander 2. The same style and over-the-top comedy that had made Zoolander a cult classic, is prevalent in this new film. What made Zoolander the kind of film to watch over and over again are the left field celebrity cameos and absurd scenes like models playing with gasoline and blowing themselves up. Zoolander 2 is no different. See this film to find out which celebrities will appear and what insane role they play. Listen for the dialogue which is littered with homages to decades of pop culture. I must also mention, Will Ferrell is perfection once again as Mugatu!


This is the kind of film that you sit back and let the screen show you ridiculously funny things that are just meant to make you laugh. If this was something you did not enjoy from the first Zoolander, then the sequel is not for you. If you were a fan of the original and have been following the clever viral marketing and counting the days for its release, then Zoolander 2 is for you and it will not disappoint.


As a side note, do not walk in late to the movie. Though this is not an action film, in the first five minutes you will see some of the coolest parkour action that has graced the silver screen in a few years.

The film is rated PG-13 for implied sexual situations, strong language and brief scenes of violence. Totally appropriate for a teenager, but some of the pop culture references may go over their head.