Our Tide Pods Laundry How To!

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Hey All!

By Now, You all know how much I love my Tide Pods, but I don’t think you really get just how easy they are to use and how effective in making sure our clothes are incredibly clean. They not only clean our clothing, they keep the colors looking brite and bubbly as they should be. Today, I wanted to convey just how easy it is to use a Tide Pod and also showcase how easy our laundry days have become because of them. This is the main reason I HEART my Tide Pods big time. No one wants to spend the day doing laundry. You want it to be quick and easy and Tide Pods make that possible.

Tide Pods have the combined benefits of detergent + stain remover + brightener in one! I don’t have to use multiple products now since we started using Tide Pods. They are very brite and bubbly, but you do need to keep these high up and out of the reach of children when you are not using them for safety reasons.  All you do is put the pod in the drum of your washer, throw your clothes in, and start the laundry!

You use 1 for those small/medium loads or 2 for those large or extra tough loads. They can be used in both front and top load washers! Just remember to never put them in the dispenser drawer. These are not like your dish washer packets folks! You just put them in the drum before you throw in your clothes. Tide Pods dissolve at any water temperature in your washer!

Tide Pods

I switched to Tide Pods from our former laundry detergent and never went back! I love that I can do laundry in 3…Ok 4 easy steps if you count folding and or ironing any laundry as well. I would always get laundry detergent on my hands when I would pour it and with these I don’t have that problem. There is no fuss of having to pour or spill any laundry detergent.

I decided to make a little visual tutorial on just how easy it is to use your Tide Pods that you can check out below.


How cute and simple is that tutorial on how to use Tide Pods? LOVE IT! Hopefully it helps you see just how easy they are to use.


Tide Pods keep our laundry and bags looking fabulous and they allow me to save time to do the things I love to do. Like making donuts and playing in the park with the family!

I hope the easiness of Tide Pods helps you save some time on your laundry days as well!

tidelogoFor more info on Tide Pods visit their website!