Our Visit To Springfield (Home of The Simpsons) At Universal Studios Hollywood!


Hey All!

Have you heard? The home of The Simpsons “Springfield” has come to life at Universal Studios Hollywood. It’s incredible folks! I had the fantastic opportunity to be invited by Universal Studios Hollywood to preview it last week and I couldn’t have been happier to have checked it out. The layout of the park has changed significantly with the new “Springfield” and it breathes new life to the sprawling and vibrant space surrounding “The Simpsons Ride.” “Springfield” is designed to capture the spirit of the animated town and engage visitors and fans of the show in the intensely absorbing and colorful world made famous throughout the series’ record-setting 26 seasons. I have to say, they nailed it! They went above and beyond to really capture the animated town at Universal Studios Hollywood. It’s truly a site to see as you walk through this true to the series town. My mind was blown!

The Springfield Nuclear Power Plant where Homer Simpson works is brought to life at the park.


So is the Springfield Penitentiary, complete with an escaping Sideshow Bob climbing down the building! Love it!


One of the most epic things to find at Springfield was a real life Moe’s Tavern! It’s real folks! You can go in and have a drink!


Inside you’ll find Moe’s regulars sipping on some Duff.


A full on bar with bar tenders dressed like Moe. Too cute!


The booths, tables, and pool table are even inside. It’s literally Moe’s Tavern come to life. It’s absolutely fantastic!


You can find those pesky chain smoking sisters at the Springfield Department of Motor Vehicles…


And grab a huge doughnut from the famous Kwik-E-Mart!


I never leave Universal Studios Hollywood with out getting one of their baked fresh daily giant Lard Lad Pink Donuts. I also picked up that huge pink donut pillow too, because it’s beyond fabulous.


You can also snap a picture with Bart Simpson at the Kwik-E-Mart!


If you don’t want a huge giant pink donut, that’s ok as you can pick up a regular sized one along with amazing delicious flavored donuts like bacon bit covered donuts at a real Lard Lad Donuts! Yes they sell an amazing variety of real donuts at this Springfield donut shop.


Guests visiting “Springfield” will have the pleasant sensation of being hurled through their television sets and into the accurately depicted town. You can also enjoy eating at signature eateries from the series such as Cletus’ Chicken Shack!


We had an amazing Chicken and Waffle Sandwich with the best season fries I’ve ever had. The kidlets had Chicken Tenders. It was all delicious and reasonably priced.


For dessert we headed over to Phineas Q. Butterfat’s Ice Cream Parlor. Yes they sell real Ice Cream at this Parlor.


And it’s not just your average Ice Cream either! You have to try the Brain Freezin’ D’oh-Nut Sundae! Yes it’s a sundae with a donut and it’s beyond amazing!


Check out this epic sundae below! You know you want one! I can’t even describe how good this sundae is!


If you don’t have a sweet tooth or are craving something other than chicken, you can grab a slice of pizza at Luigi’s Pizza or…


Grab a burger at a real life Krusty Burger! Yes folks, they have a real working Krusty Burger! And it’s right next to Springfield Elementary School.


You can also get a drink at Duff Brewery or have a taco from the Bumblebee Man’s taco truck.


After you’re done checking out how amazing Springfield is, you can head over to Krustyland and hop on the Simpsons Ride!


If you’re in the Los Angeles, CA area, you definitely have to check out the new “Springfield” at Universal Studios Hollywood. Just being able to experience this section of the park makes the price of admission worth it. You also get to spend the day enjoying one of the best theme parks in America while you’re at it!

I have to share that we also got a glimpse of “The Wizarding World of Harry Potter” that will also be opening up in Spring of 2016 and it looks epic folks.


Universal Studios Hollywood has really outdone themselves with this new “Springfield” section of the park. It will also be one of the most epic theme parks ever when Harry Potter comes. I’m literally counting the days!

For more info on all the new happenings of this fantastic theme park, follow Universal Studios Hollywood’s Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram or visit the Universal Studios Hollywood website.

It’s truly the Entertainment Capital of L.A.SM!