Our Yummy Papa Murphy’s Pizza Night!

This post is sponsored by Papa Murphy’s and their launch of RWA Chicken. All opinions and statements remain 100% my own. #NothingButChicken #Ad

Papa Murphy's Chicken Garlic Pizza Main

Hey All!

I’m sure many of you know by now how much I love pizza. I love it so much, I probably eat it once a week. If I had to choose anything to eat every day, it would probably be pizza. If only I could eat pizza every day. That would be heaven! Instead, we have a pizza night every week and this week we decided to head over to Papa Murphy’s to try out their new RWA Chicken pizza.  In case you don’t know what RWA means, it refers to chicken “Raised Without Antibiotics”.  Papa Murphy’s is the first pizza brand to introduce Chicken Raised Without Antibiotics (RWA Chicken) system wide. I’m all about eating the freshest and natural ingredients in my pizza, so this was a win win for me.

Papa Murphy's Store 1

Another thing that’s great about Papa Murphy’s is, They make the pizza right in front of you and you can actually take home the pizza to cook in your own oven, so it’s fresh out of the oven when you eat it. Papa Murphy’s also makes their dough from scratch daily in their stores. Their cheese is grated daily in store using only fresh, whole milk mozzarella. Many of their recipes use hand chopped vegetables, like green peppers, tomatoes, and onions. None of their products contain MSG.

Papa Murphy's Store 2

It’s one of the healthiest options for a delicious pizza night with friends and family. I couldn’t wait to get my hands on one of their pizzas. We got the Fresh Pan Chicken Garlic pizza which has a Creamy Garlic Sauce,Chicken Raised Without Antibiotics, Tomatoes, Green Onions, and an Herb & Cheese Blend. They have a variety of types of pizza sizes and thickness you can choose from. The pizza comes with easy instructions on how to bake the kind of pizza you get. For example thin crust will have different directions on how to bake it, since it’s thinner than a tradition pan pizza. It was super simple bake and I was excited to have a fresh baked pizza right at home.

This is the before unbaked pizza below…

Chicken Garlic Pizza Pre Bake

We baked it up and sliced it up to enjoy. We got a large size pizza and that was the perfect size for us.

Chicken Garlic Pizza Baked

Take and bake pizza is by far one of the best ideas for gourmet & fresh pizza. It also tastes amazing!

Papa Murphy's Chicken Garlic Pizza cheesy slice

This was probably one of the best pizza’s I’ve ever had and it was awesome to know I was eating RWA Chicken. When Papa Murphy’s says “no antibiotics”, they mean “no antibiotics, never, ever”.

Papa Murphy's Chicken-Garlic Pizza Slice

You can see the generous amount of delicious chicken and toppings they put on the pizza in the pictures above and below.

Papa Murphy's Chicken Garlic

Each slice is a piece of yummy pizza goodness. I of course had to make our pizza night colorful, because they don’t call me Brite & Bubbly for nothing! Also, If you’re wondering why their is a smiley face spatula with pizza? It helps me pull out the pizza, so the slice and topping pull off the pizza perfectly. I like my pizza slices to be a perfect triangle like shape, and I hate it when my pizza gets ripped when I’m lifting it off the pizza.

Papa Murphy's Chicken Garlic Pizza Slices

Using a pizza cutter to cut the pizza and spatula to lift the slices is the best way to get a perfect slice. Just an FYI for everyone!

Papa Murphy's Chicken Garlic Pizza Slice

These were some incredible slices and I almost ate the entire pizza myself, since it was that good!

Papa Murphy's Chicken Garlic Pizza Cup

They don’t call me the pizza queen for nothing! I truly do feel Papa Murphy’s will be our go to pizza for all our Pizza nights from now on. It was that good and you can’t beat fresh custom pizza!

Chicken Garlic Pizza Queen

Papa Murphy’s pizza featuring RWA Chicken is a pizza anyone can feel even better about serving their family or friends for lunch, dinner, or for all those fun summer pizza parties!

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To check out the Papa Murphy’s Menu and to find a store near you, visit their website.

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