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As a busy working mom, I’m always looking for some amazing products that help me pamper myself during my much needed me time. I like to take time out of my day and just relax with a warm bath and some soothing music. I always encourage my fellow moms to not forget to take care of themselves. It’s so easy to forget to take a moment to pamper yourself. Us moms tend to put everything before ourselves and it’s something I’m doing my best to work on.

I’m vowing to take a few hours of my day to pamper myself and my new go to products for my mommy me time are these amazing bath and body products from Rachel’s Best Soaps! They are a fabulous premium quality bath and cleansing products made with natural ingredients and produced in the USA. I love finding products that are made in the USA!

The amazing folks at Rachel’s Best Soaps were kind enough to send me a variety of their fun products to pamper myself with. I’ve been using them non-stop! I wanted to share some of my favorite products with you today! I hope it inspires you to pamper yourself with them as well.

First up is the Lolli Pop Bath Bomb in Grape. It looks like an adorable popsicle and only costs $12.95. They have other scents of this bath bomb that are just as great! This lollipop starts fizzing up when it hits the water and it turns the water a fun purple color. It smells amazing in my bath and if feels fantastic on my skin. This family-friendly bath bomb does the hard work of removing dirt, grease and bacteria buildup from the skin while you kick back and relax in the tub.

My favorite of the bath bombs I received have to be these adorable Sweet Donut Bath Bombshells. They only cost $14.95 and you get 6 little donuts to soak up some sweet pamper time with. Who knew that bath time could be so delicious?

You can’t eat these folks! Sorry! I know they look adorable and cute enough to bite. These will pamper your skin and not your belly. You can get yourself some donuts after your bathe! You just put them in the bath and watch them fizz! You can see how they fizz in the GIF image below.

Each little donut turns the water a different color when you drop it in. If you do multiple it almost looks like a rainbow in the water if you drop them in different parts of your bath at the same time.

These fizzy donut soaps bring your favorite tasty treat to the bath in a fun and unique way. They feel great in my bath after a busy day working hard and taking care of the baby. They remove dirt and grease from your body in six different flavors. My skin feels awesome when I use these!

And last but not least, I got this Under The Sea set of 3 bath bombs. They are the priciest of the bath bombs I received, but are perfect for a few hours of pampering in the bath. These are also perfect for bath time with the kids! They cost $19.96 for a box of three. These are larger than the donut bath bombs. These are like the traditional round bath bombs. They definitely add a whole lot of fun to my son’s bath time! I used these with him and I’m saving them for only his bath times. These delightful fizzy bath bombs dissolve into a burst of color, allowing your little ones to splash around in sweet and fruity scents! These are suitable for all ages and are completely non-toxic and paraben-free.

I don’t know if you know, but kids LOVE bath bombs with a passion! These would be perfect for a stocking stuffer gift for the upcoming holiday season.

When I get out of my bath, I immediately put on this amazing Milk & Honey Body Lotion. It costs $12.95 and is perfect for my sensitive dry skin. It makes my skin feel silky smooth. It’s made with moisturizing fatty alcohols and goat’s milk. This helps my skin feel amazing! This milky body lotion helps to soothe dryness and soften skin. I love that it comes in what looks like an old-school milk bottle. It truly is milky smoothe! It’s suitable for all skin types, so if you have sensitive skin like I do, you can definitely use this amazing body lotion.

I also have Milk & Honey Body Butter. This I sometimes use on my body as well. I mainly use this one on my feet, hands, and elbows. I essentially use this on the areas that get the roughest and driest on my body. This retails for $39.95 and it comes in this giant container. It almost looks like a pint of ice cream. This buttery formula strengthens the skin barrier and locks in moisture for super soft skin. I love to put it on my feet and hand before bed and put some gloves on with it. You’ll wake up with baby soft feet and hands if you do this!

You can use it as often as needed and you can apply it to your whole body if you’d like. I just prefer this lotion on the areas I mentioned. I prefer to use the Milk & Honey Body Lotion on my body.

That’s just my preference, but I’m sure you’ll find your own preference when you’re pampering yourself with these amazing products!

Like I mentioned before, these are the products I use to pamper myself for an hour or two each day. I’m focusing on my skin care right now, because my skin has been crazy since I gave birth to the baby. Also taking warm bathes tends to help me relax after a stressful day.

If you’re looking for a way to decompress and pamper your skin, I highly recommend you take a few hours of your day to pamper yourself with some Rachel’s Best Soaps and Body Care product!

You can find these amazing products and more at Rachel’s Best Soaps website I’m sure you’ll love these products as much as I do!

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