Pampering Myself With Vaseline® Intensive CareTM Healing Serum!

Hey All!

In 2015 I’ve really made a vow to take better care of myself and that includes taking better care of my skin. I have been having very very dry skin for the past year or so. I don’t know if it was a change in my age or the constant change in the weather that caused the issue, but I’ve been super dry.

Thankfully I got this amazing care package from Magnolia Bakery all the way in my home town NYC that contained some amazing cookies and rice krispy treats along with an amazing surprise inside that has been helping my skin since I got it.

And that is the NEW Vaseline® Intensive CareTM Healing Serum! NEW Vaseline® Intensive CareTM Healing Serums provide dry skin with 10x the healing power* to reverse dry skin damage. It moisturizes to visibly heal dry skin by 10x over time. This is a brand new product from Vaseline® (a brand I have loved and trusted for years) that brings the power of highly concentrated, healing ingredients to first ever moisturizing body care serum.

The formula contains three superior quality ingredients:

PPAR Activators, Elastomers and Vaseline® Jelly – that work together to moisturize and heal dry skin.

This is how each works:

•PPAR Activators begin healing by penetrating the surface skin to replenish lipids and moisturizes to boost skin’s natural renewal cycle.

•Micro-droplets of Vaseline Jelly form a protective layer on the surface of skin to prevent moisture loss.

•Elastomers are then added to deliver the luxurious silky, smooth product feel.

•Together these three ingredients moisturize to provide an effective dry skin healing regimen perfect for everyday skin care

The come in three variations:

  • Advances Relief – moisturizes to heal and calm severely dry skin
  • Radiance Restore – moisturizes to heal and restore radiance to dry, dull skin
  • Deep Repair – Deeply moisturizes to heal rough cracked skin

I have been using the Radiance Restore healing serum with cocoa butter on my legs after I shower.

And I’ve been using the other two Advanced Relief and Deep Repair serums on my upper body and hands.

It doesn’t go on sticky or leave any stickiness behind. It also feels very light and absorbs right into my skin. I’m already seeing a big difference in the look and appearance of my skin. I’ve been using it for about 2 weeks now it’s already less dry and I know this because my skin is less itchy and it simply doesn’t look as dry as it did.

These three bottles now live on my cute vanity as they are working wonders for me. I highly recommend you try them if you’re suffering from the dry skin blues like I am.

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Vaseline sponsored this blog post. The opinions and text are all mine.