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When you become a parent you have to learn some tips aka tactics and tricks to get your kids to behave or to do what you need them to do. Like eating their veggies or taking a bath. Like I try to make everything fun for the kids in my home. I find that’s the trick to everything, making it fun when the kids are small.  Like for lunches I try to make their lunches fun by making their sandwiches or food look like their favorite cartoon characters like Mickey mouse or winnie the pooh or their favorite Star Wars characters.

Kind of like these sandwiches that I found on Pinterest since I never bother to take any pics of their lunches after I make them. I wanted you all to get a sense of what I mean. Kids can’t resist their sandwiches or food if it’s fun. They don’t think about it being good for them. They just think yay Mickey! It’s one trick I learned quickly when it came to food with the kids.

                                                                              Source: via Amanda on Pinterest


I use these cookie cutters and sandwich cutters that I got at Williams Sonoma to make sure they look super fun for the kids.

When it comes to teenagers that’s a whole different ball game. Their not quite adults but think they are and think they know everything and anything their is to know. It’s very tricky when dealing with teenagers especially boys like I have. They can be very stubborn and the trick that I found has been reverse psychology. It doesn’t work on everything I will say but it works most of the time. For example say you don’t like something and they will do exactly that. You say you like something you don’t really like they will do the opposite of that. Like I’ll say to the teen I like how baggy your pants are. They look so cool right.  He’ll say really and immediately go change. What’s cool to you must be horrific to them.

It sometimes works on getting them to do school work like wow this movie is going to be so cool to go see. Too bad we can’t go since you didn’t finish your home work yet. That one works every time.

These are just a few tactics I use  to get the kids in my home to do what I want. What do you do in your home?

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