Pillows, Poufs & Throws Are The Best!


Hey All!

There is nothing I love more that relaxing in my living room on a rare day that I have off. You all remember my living room reveal that was furnished with the help of Wayfair.com, well there was a few key pieces that I didn’t focus too much time on that I would now love to share how much they add to the room.

Those pieces are my pillows, pouf, and throw! Pillows really make the couch fun and comfortable at the same time. My pillows all truly reveal my personality as you can see. Poufs are the best at adding a little fun and multifunction to the room. I can’t tell you how much I love my gold pouf. It’s multifunctional and looks gorgeous in our living room. When it first arrived my husband was like “What is that for?” and he didn’t understand it’s purpose, NOW HE DOES. He too loves the pouf. We put our feet up on it when we snuggle together on the couch, we place our drinks on it, heck I even use it as a step stool some times. It not only completes our living room style and decor, it really is something that comes in handy in so many ways.


Another piece is you have to have a lovely throw. I love my Luxury Faux Fur Throw! It looks amazing on my couch and it’s also great to snuggle with. It’s so soft to the touch and it’s also a great way to stay warn on those cold winter nights.


When I’m relaxing on the couch I put our favorite drinks on a serving platter and place them on the pouf. I’m obsessed with Moscow Mules (the drinks and the cups itself) lately and Wayfair has these amazing glasses on sale now. They are the perfect cup and drink to sip on when you’re relaxing with your pouf and throw.


Wayfair is also offering a promo code that works from November 20 through November 24th for 15% off ANY Pillow, Pouf or Throw. Use code is: WFPTP15 at check out on Wayfair.com to snag yourself some amazing throws and a pouf!

I don’t know how many times I can share how much I love Wayfair, but I can’t help but continue to find so many fabulous things on their site. So the raving shall continue!


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