Planning For Our Family’s Future!

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Today, I wanted to take a moment to share a little about how our family is planning for our future. Thanks to these amazing folks at Golden 1 Credit Union for partnering with me to share this with you today! Since our son was born, we’ve been planning for his future and college. You literally have to start a college fund before children are even born because college is so expensive these days.

As he’s starting school soon, we have been focusing more and more on his future and our future as a family. We have been saving for his college and saving for a home. Those are our two big plans for our future. We want to have money saved for our son to go to college and we want to own a home in the near future. We don’t want him to be saddled with the burden of student loans like I was.

To save for these goals we’ve opted to use a credit union like Golden 1 Credit Union. If you live in California, Golden 1 is a great option for your banking needs. Whether you’re saving for your children’s college, saving for a home, starting a savings account, buying a new car, or refinancing a mortgage, you can do it all at Golden 1 Credit Union!

He loves to learn new things and we’re teaching him about saving and finances early on, so he can be responsible with his money when he grows up. We’re going to be introducing him to credit unions early on as an alternative to huge stockholder driven banks. That’s one of the main reasons why we love Golden 1 Credit Union!

If you’re not familiar with Golden 1, they function as a not-for-profit financial cooperative rather than a corporation. What does that mean you ask? They offer more personalized services, better financial products, and they focus on returning earnings to members rather than stockholders. They work for their members as opposed to stockholders!

I can’t tell you how many times I went into my big bank and felt like they were more interested in my money than what my financial and banking needs were. I’ve always felt like I’ve walked out of banks with accounts and credit cards I didn’t need, when all I needed was a proper savings account. I’ve never felt like big banks cared about me or my family’s needs or future. Golden 1 Credit Union actually cares and understands people’s immediate and long-term financial needs in a way a big bank can’t. You can get more personalized service with a credit union.

As someone who works from home and has my own business, Golden 1 also respects my time! Time is money in my business and they are all about saving you time and money! They know how important that is to families like mine.

Golden 1 Credit Union makes saving for his college and a home so much easier and worry free thanks to their focus on delivering financial solutions with value, convenience, and exceptional service.


Golden 1 Credit Unions are local to California, so they know what the housing market is like here, and they can provide tools to help us plan and meet our goals. With the help of local personalized banking like this, I know we’ll be able to reach our goals for our son’s future and for our family’s future. We’ll save what we need for his college career and we’ll own a house one day.

So if you live or work in California, you are eligible and can use Golden 1 Credit Union for your banking needs. You can get more free services than a large corporate bank, fast turnaround on home loans, flexible terms on auto loans, early direct deposit and more!

If you’re interested in learning more about finances and your financial wellness, they have plenty of free, award-winning resources that you can learn from like: Podcasts, Webcasts, Videos! You can find that info here:!

We’re all about supporting small business in our home. We’re all about supporting small banking aka credit unions too! Highly recommend all my fellow Californians check out Golden 1 Credit Union now!

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Golden 1 Credit Union!

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