Playing outdoors with your family. #C2Play2Day

Hey all!

Now a days we don’t get out enough. We have to many gadgets and games that occupy our kids attention. I miss the days where kids play kick ball or hop scotch on the side walk and just always wanted to go out to  play. Today’s kids you honestly have to force them to go out and play out doors. I think it keeps your kids healthy to have them doing physical activities to play as opposed to sitting on their butts for hours playing a video game.

I try to keep my family in the old school mentally by playing outdoors. We love to go to the beach to swim. I’d love to learn how to swim and surf with my family. I know why do you like going to the beaches if you can’t swim. I can float, but can’t out right swim. I think a visiting the beach to play is a perfect place for kids to play. We can spend hours playing in the sun with some sun screen of course. We play volley ball, build sand castles, and play friz bee! It’s great to get the family out in fresh air and to have the kids play.

My teen loves to ride his bicycle on the board walk when we go to the beach while his dog chico rides beside him. That’s how he likes to play. I would love to finally learn how to ride a bike so I can ride with them on the boardwalk.

We also love to visit one of their many beautiful parks here is California. We go hiking, play tag, hide and seek behind the tress. We race each other on trails, climb rocks, run through the sprinklers in the parks if they have one and it’s a hot day. There are so many great outdoor games to play with your family that there really is no reason not to go out to play.

Again, I think it’s time to put away your all your gadgets and get back to using our good old imaginations to have fun with our kids. I think as parents we should be sparking our children’s imaginations and not tearing it down with constant hours of video games or tv. I think we should make our children go out and play and get fresh air and do some physical activities.

It’s what I do with my family and I highly recommend you do it as well!

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