Pogoplug Personal Cloud At RadioShack.

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Hey All!

Backing up is like taking vitamins; we know it’s good for us, but it’s often too difficult to remember to do. If you don’t back up you may regret it later when something happens to your devices. Online cloud backup solutions are usually slow and expensive for large document or photo collections, and attaching a hard drive to your laptop or computer is not practical when you’re on the move. That’s where a shop like RadioShack comes in as they sell the easy to set up Pogoplug Personal Cloud system. It’s so easy you can set it up in 60 seconds. You then point all your computers and mobile devices to back up to your Pogoplug, and never worry about backing up again.


It comes with everything you see below to get started with.


I know it sounds to good to be true, but this little box is a god send.


You can back up, access and share all your files, photos, music and movies from any device, anywhere with your Personal Cloud. You can do so much with it and it also give you peace of mind with securing your private info.

Pogoplug works to safeguard your computers and mobile devices even when you take them away from your home or office. You can rest easy knowing that your vacation photos and the videos on your smartphone are being continuously backed up to your Pogoplug at home.

This is also great for college student. You forgot your laptop and work for class, If you back it up to Pogoplug you can access and download it on the go from any web browser. How cool is that?

If you’re as worried as I am about publishing videos of your kids on Facebook or YouTube? Share large files instantly, securely and privately via links you email to trusted friends and family.

There is so much this little magical box can do, but here is all the specs on the Pogoplug.

  • Unlimited online storage from the security of your home or office
  • Automatically back up your computer and mobile devices
  • Plug in your USB hard drive and grow as you go
  • Easy for anyone to use, 60-second setup
  • No fees, no limits
  • Share large files and folders instantly, without uploading
  • Publish to Facebook, Twitter and Google+ with a single click
  • Includes one USB slot and one SD™ slot

It works with:

  • Microsoft® Windows XP/7, Apple® Mac OS® 10.6.6 and above
  • Microsoft® Internet Explorer 8/9, Mozilla® Firefox 5, Apple® Safari 5 for Mac, Google Chrome™ 12

If you’re looking for an amazing personal cloud back up system I highly recommend you check out RadioShack.com or your local RadioShack store to find a Pogoplug. I’m sure you will be thankful you did.