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Ok this may be to personal, but heck you know I’m Honest here on my blog. As women get older or have children your body changes and sometimes it may mean you bladder gets lower and you may experience some leakage. Like you may notice if you laugh too hard or sneeze before you made it to the bathroom to empty your bladder, you may experience some leakage. Some women just have low bladders naturally and always have this issue. I practice my Kegel exercises to try to ensure I don’t suffer from serious leakage if I get pregnant in the future. But sometimes no matter how much you try to tighten that area you will still experience some leakage.

Did you know 1 in 3 women has light bladder leakage? Well luckily Poise® pads gives you one less thing to worry about. Now you can laugh with your kids and husband and have fun with your friends without worrying about unexpected leakage. Try Poise® pads today! Experience the soft comfort Poise® has to offer. Click on the image below to get your FREE sample of Poise® Pads at Sam’s Club!

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Also Poise is available at Sam’s Club during the October Women’s Health program. Sam’s Club members save $11.72 per box of Poise by purchasing at Sam’s Club! Try the benefits Poise has to offer! Lock away wetness and odor. They also contour to fit your body and helps keep you feeling fresh!

So Get a Free sample of Poise Pads and try them out for yourself to find which kind of Poise® pad is right for you!

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