PokeBall Rice Krispies Treats!


Hey All!

We have another amazing tasty treat from our contributor Rose of Sweet Events by Anna Rose. She is my fellow queen of tasty treats. Since I’m obsessed with Pokemon Go and I’m so happy to have Pokemon come back with a vengeance, I asked her to make me some PokeBall Rice Krispies Treats and boy did she deliver! These are amazing and I want to eat them all up myself. They are the perfect treat to celebrate finding all those Pokemon with. Find the tutorial on how to make them below!

Hi Brite and Bubbly readers, here are some fun Pokeball Pokemon-Go inspired treats! We also have Pikachu Oreos coming up, so stay tuned for those! There are only a few ingredients and they are super fun to make and eat! I even asked my kids to help out and they loved it!


You will need:



  • Rice Krispies Treat Sheets (from your cake supply shop)

All of these are available at your local craft shop

  • Red, black and white fondant
  • White candy melting discs
  • 2.5” round cookie cutter
  • Pastry scraper or fondant cutter for straight lines
  • A medium and small pastry tip to cut out the middle circles
  • Baking powder to dust surface



Cut out circles of rice krispies treats. Roll out white fondant to about 1/8th inch thick and cut out circles. Repeat with the red fondant. Cut each fondant circle into half circles with the scraper. Roll out the black fondant to 1/8th inch thick and cut stripes about 1/8th inch wide with the scraper for the middle belt. Cut out black circles with the largest part of the small pastry tip. Roll together a small piece of black and white fondant to make gray and cut out smaller circles with the other tip. Dry all fondant pieces for about an hour.


Melt candy according to package. Dip top of rice krispies treats. Set to dry. Before the candy dries completely, glue a white and a red half circle to each rice krispy treat.


Brush a little bit of water on the back of the black strip and glue onto the middle. Glue the large black circle and the gray circle, and you are done!! Let dry for another hour.


Together with the Pikachu Oreos, these make awesome party favors.



Don’t forget to have the kiddos help you. They will have a blast!



Also, Check back soon for a really cool treat coming up for Halloween! It’s going to be Lisa Frank inspired!

Thanks Rose for another amazing post! Love it so!

Check out all of Rose’s tasty treats on Instagram at @SweetEventsByAnnaRose!