Pop It Free Printable Valentines for Kids!

Looking for a fun sustainable Valentine idea for your kids? Check out these Pop It Free Printable Valentines for Kids!

Pop it Game Printable Valentines

Hey all!

Just like I said in yesterdays post, here were are once again with a fun valentine idea for kids. Check out these super cute and fun Pop It Free Printable Valentines for Kids! They are so easy to make and lets not forget to mention they are very quick to make too! They would be perfect to hand out for classroom valentines or for your kids to hand out to friends. Kids are obsessed with those Pop It games, so this would be the perfect valentine for kids!

Pop it Game Printable Valentines

It’s also a little gift that keeps on giving even after Valentine’s Day. Kids can keep themselves entertained with these where ever they go even after Valentines Day. That makes this a very eco-friendly valentine!

Here is how to make it!

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Pop it Game Printable Valentines supplies

All the items listed can be found on Amazon and arrive to you well before Valentine’s Day!

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Pop it Game Printable Valentines

First Download and print out the Free Printable Pop it Valentines. If you don’t have a printer, take the download on a zip drive or try to email it to your local Staples to have printed.

Make sure you print it on white cardstock, so it’s sturdy for the pop it game.

Cut out each piece with your scissors or paper cutter.

I used a paper cutter to make the cut as straight as possible.

Cut the card back piece to size at the top to fit the size of your pop it game. I cut off a half inch off mine.

Pop it Game Printable Valentines

Punch a hole in the card back piece and stick the chain of the pop it game through the hole. Tape the chain to the back of the card back.

Place the pop it game on the card inside a little plastic bag. You can even use a sandwich bag as well. Just fold over the sides and tape them in place.

Pop it Game Printable Valentines

Fold the flap piece of the valentine over. Add some double stick tape to the flap part and inner part.

Stick your bagged pop it valentine onto the card and flip the flap over. Secure it in place.

That’s all you have to do to make these!

Pop it Game Printable Valentines

How cute are these? Love them! My son is obsessed with these pop it games and I’m sure all kids are pretty much obsessed with them.

Might as well give out a Valentine that can be used again and again! It’s a sustainable and eco-friendly valentine idea for kids. You can also recycle the card!

You can check out the whole in process assembly of these valentines in this Instagram Reel Video below or over on my Instagram. In case you’d like some step-by-step visuals. Sorry I didn’t take any step by step photos!

You can find more Valentine’s Day and Galentine’s Day fun recipes and DIY’s HERE!

Happy almost Love Day folks!

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