Printable Disney Inspired Easter Egg Hunt!

We were not feeling ready enough to leave the house and head outside for an Easter Egg hunt, so we decided to make out own! Check out this fun Printable Disney Inspired Easter Egg Hunt!

Hey All!

You all know I love my printable at home hunts. I’ve made numerous ones on this site and today I wanted to share my favorite one to date! How cute is this fun Printable Disney Inspired Easter Egg Hunt?! My son is obsessed with Disney Junior, Pixar Cars and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, so I decided to combine his favorite things with this at home printable Easter egg hunt.

I love how it turned out and my son had the best time doing it! It’s a sticker find Easter egg hunt where you match the stickers to the map when you find an egg.

Here is how you do it:

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You simply print out Our Free Printable Easter Egg Hunt sheets.

You cut the large eggs out and hang them around your home.

I hung mine next to this amazing giant orange bunny decoration I was gifted by the amazing folks at JNJ Craft Works! It’s the perfect Easter Egg Hunt decoration and I love supporting amazing small businesses like this, so check them out!

You can then print out the mini egg stickers on sticker paper and cut them out. If you don’t have sticker paper or ran out like I did, you can easily make some stickers with two pieces of clear tape.

You take a piece of sturdy plastic. If you have the plastic sheet from an old sticker sheet that would be perfect.

You place one strip of tape down on the plastic sheet. You then place the mini eggs on that strip of tape.

You then cover the eggs and that strip of tape with another piece of clear tape and then cut out the eggs.

When you peal the plastic sheet off, you’ll have yourself a sticker. Super simple I know!

We’re sad we couldn’t make it to the parks this year to do our Easter egg hunt, but I did my best to bring a little bit of that park magic to our home with this one.

We had a blast finding all the eggs and placing the stickers on the map! Toddlers will love this activity!

I hope it does the same for you and your family!

Have a Happy and Safe Easter everyone!

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