ProudOn TV: A New Private Way To Share Your Videos! #POTVfamily

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of ProudOn TV.

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Hey All!

You know how much I love discovering new sites and new technology on this site. I have featured many different forms of new innovative sites on my own site and I recently discovered ProudOn TV. I just had to share it with my amazing readers. I feel like you will love it just as much as I do!

ProudOn TV is a FREE, easy to use site that allows you to create a private and secure site of your own that allows you to share your private and personal videos in a safer and more secure way. It’s essentially the more secure option the open environment of a social network.  It’s perfect for families who want to keep their kids pics and videos private and solely for family members to see.  This is a big thing for me as I’m super paranoid of people stealing pictures and videos of my kids. I’ve actually had this happen to me in the past and it’s very scary!

The site allows you to make either a family website or portfolio website.

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You can also choose the license of what you’d like for your website.

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It was super easy to set up and the settings were very easy to use…

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I had my site set up in no time.

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I love that the default settings on each ProudOn TV site are private! Others can only gain access by using a unique invitation code that is sent by you via email or Facebook! There is also no tracking, no cookies and no abuse of personal information. Having the privacy of ProudOn TV makes me feel much more comfortable in sharing my videos with family online. It’s great to know no one else can see anything I share unless I give them access to it. I love that people can’t randomly find our family vacation videos on the internet. Our family info and videos are kept only between family. You honestly can’t be too safe with your information on the internet.

Knowing a site like this available to share your precious family moments is priceless. What makes it even better is ProudOn TV is also available on iOS and you can get the app here.

Check out ProudOn TV!

ProudOn TV is a free, private video website where you can share your personal family experiences online through audiovisuals with an audience that YOU select!

ProudOn TV is very easy to use and has a fully customizable design to suit everyone’s tastes, which provides a fun and sentimental experience for all involved. Check out this page on how to sign up and then open up an account using this special offer from ProudOn TV: FAMILYWEB23

Signing up today using this special code automatically gets you $60.00 in credit on your ProudOn TV account, which may be used towards a future increase in data storage or an extended traffic plan.

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of ProudOn TV.