Purina Pet Gear products #Review!

Hey All!
Are you living with a house full of Animals? No I’m not talking about your kids! lol. I’m talking about your pets. If you have dogs who tend to have accidents all over the floors and carpets then you need to run out and get these fabulous new products from Purina and OneCare! Purina has some great new products that we can use in our homes called Purina Pet Gear!
I was recently sent the most amazing Purina Pet Gear kit with the Ultra Dry Training Pads, Pet Stain & Odor Eliminator Spray, and the Pet Hair Roller to review. With two dogs and a cat you NEED a lint roller at all times in our house or you will walk out covered in hair! I was thrill to try this roller since ours had just about run out we use it so much! This roller picks up any hair in a flash and works great!

One of our dogs Chico is two so he sometimes has accidents on the rug or floors, So when we are at work we now put down the Purina Pet gear training pads so that we won’t have to come home to poop on the floor! We used other pads that shall remain nameless and I have to say I love the Purina pads so much better! They seem to be so much stronger and much equipped to handle the poop of a 90 pound pit bull.

Purina Pet Gear Ultra Dry Training Pads feature an exclusive DryStep™ cover designed to prevent leaks and paw prints from tracking through the house.  The pads are available in 10-count, 20-count and 40-count and come in an easy-to-store box. When you’re living in an apartment in a city with a full house, easy to store is necessary! We went through these pads rather quickly so I had to run out to Walmart and get some!

And when Chico still has an accident on the carpet the  Purina Pet Gear Pet Stain & Odor Eliminator worked perfectly to get the stains out! It works for carpet, couches, pet beds, you name it! And what’s great is that it leaves the fabric of the carpet and dog bed smelling amazing!  It removes pet stains and the odors that without damaging what you spray it on as well. It has a pro-enzyme formula that is a blend of six enzymes that break down stains and eliminate odors naturally which is why it’s not harmful to your pets or carpets.

I loved these Purina Pet Gear products and I will continue to use them from now on for our pets! I highly recommend you try them as well for your home and pets! Also Like Purina on Facebook for more info and some money saving coupons!

***Disclosure: I was not compensated or paid in any way for this post. I receivedsamples of these products and I am sharing this for the benefit of my readers. All opinions are my own.***