Our Rainbow Holiday Brunch & Cookie Decorating Party!

Hey All!

We’re closing out our Rainbow Holiday Brunch & Cookie Decorating Party! How cute is this brunch we set up folks?! Too cute! It’s very much Lisa Frank inspired in case you couldn’t tell. All our holiday content was all inspired by Lisa Frank this year. We held our holiday brunch a few weeks ago and had the best time ever with our friends!

Everyone was obsessed with our light up rainbow Christmas Tree centerpiece. We got it at Target of course!

Here is an overhead shot of the entire table setting.

We had these adorable rainbow plates thanks to the DayDream Society! They were kind enough to send us this incredible holographic rainbow plates. We already had their matching holographic rainbow napkins.

Each place setting had the following:

A cute rainbow plate…

On top of it was a holiday rainbow holographic cracker with a Christmas Light gift tag wrapped around it to act as a place card. These were from Kate Spade!

They had the rainbow and a “Be Merry” napkin with an ornament shaped sipper.

How cute are those napkins?! Love them!

They also had disco ball sippers for their drinks!

They had a rainbow plate with an ugly sweater cookie to decorate…


And cute rainbow sprinkles….

And gumballs to decorate the cookies with…

A jingle bell elf party hat…

Fun holiday themed paper party glasses to take pics with…

And I almost forgot to mention the rainbow sprinkles place mat! I got these at the Social Type!

This made the cutest place setting ever!

I mixed drinks in this glitter shaker from Shop Ban.do.

I made a centerpiece with iridescent fake snow…

Lisa Frank Rainbow colored Christmas balls of small and large sizes…

Glitter pink and light blue cardboard trees…

Colorful Glitter reindeer ornaments, which I got at Target!

Mini disco ball ornaments…

Colorful Christmas Light Mini Ornaments and rainbow pom poms!

And let’s not forget the rainbow white light up tree in the center!

We decorated out bar cart with candy canes, our rainbow unicorn stocking, tinsel garland, and a blue peppermint candy balloon.

We had a blast getting our holiday cooking decorating and brunch on!

And that’s a complete look at how we put together our fun Rainbow Holiday Brunch & Cookie Decorating Party!

I hope love it as much as we do and I also you have a very happy holidays and Merry Christmas!

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