I just wanted to update everyone with the sad news. So I took my old power mac g5 in to a store to attempt to get it repaired. They couldn’t get her to turn on and they told me my computer was too old and that it was vintage and that I need to take it to another 3rd party store because there is nothing they could do for me.

They also all mocked me saying my computer was a dinosaur and that I shouldn’t waste time fixing it and I should just get a new computer. Way to be sympathetic! My quick response was “Oh yeah, Are you going to buy me this new computer?” and of course the quick response was NO! And I said well why don’t you just keep your thoughts to yourself! Because if I could afford to buy a new computer don’t you think I would? And they quickly apologized. Incredible…

I didn’t want to let old Betty go without a fight, but I’m defeated. As they carted her out of the store to my car some of the store workers hummed taps since it looked like a funeral procession. I kid you not.

She’s sitting on my desk since she does have sentimental value to me. I’m not sure what I’m going to do with her, but I’m taking every step possible to try and keep my old ibook from dying on me, cause it’s all I have left! I’m now trying to figure out how to get a new computer. I’m considering trying to save for a mac mini since it’s the cheapest thing I can get and I’m also trying desperately to win any computer I can at the moment since I do need a good one to continue this blog, apply for jobs, and to just have a good computer we don’t fear will die at any second for my teen and I to do school work and job work on.

Anyone have any suggestions?

Thanks for all the support and kind words everyone.

Thanks again for following!