Roku! Perfect Gift for the Holidays! Happy Holidays Gift Guide Feature!

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Are you looking for the perfect entertainment gift for someone on your shopping list this year? Well look no further! I have just the gift idea for you! If you know anyone who’s constantly renting movies, has Netflix, and who is always in constant search of something to watch on their televisions…then the Roku would make the PERFECT gift for them for the Holidays.

What the heck is a Roku you ask? Well my friends…it’s the best thing ever! A Roku is a very small converter type box that hooks up to your TV and streams movies, television shows, and much more right on your TV. The Roku is very Easy to use and set up.

It’s small wonder as you can see in the picture below. You can get a sense of it’s compact size. It’s that small black box next to my television and internet router. It barely takes up any space, which I LOVE. I have enough boxes and gadgets around my TV. The Roku also comes with it’s own small remote.

The Roku allows you to stream thousands of movies and TV series from your current NetFlix subscriptions or if you sign up for Netflix you can stream your films directly onto your TV with a Roku. It plays all the movies that you place in your Instant View que on Netflix. My families plan only costs $8.99 at the moment, but It will be going up to $9.99 in January I believe. The plan I have includes instant streaming, some plans do not so make sure your plan does include this feature. It also has the ability to browse movie selections on NetFlix on the Roku. You don’t need to search for movies on the computer anymore! You can do it directly from your TV screen! So whatever film or program you’re in the mood for, like all your holiday favorites, you can just search for them directly on your TV and watch it!

You can also “rent” movies from and watch them instantly on your TV via the Roku.
The Roku comes with several FREE channels that you can access directly. You can also subscribe to channels via the Roku. They also just added Hulu Plus capabilities to the Roku.  

“Hulu Plus subscription service is now available bringing the deepest library of current hit TV programming from top broadcast networks ABC, FOX, and NBC, to computers, TVs, mobile phones and tablets – in HD, and all for $7.99 per month. Hulu Plus is available on all new and existing Roku players start at just $59.99, feature integrated WiFi and are capable of streaming HD content to the TV from Hulu Plus in addition to many other content partners. streaming media players. The new Hulu Plus offers full current and back seasons of both current and classic hit TV shows to subscribers in the U.S. TV fans can instantly stream any episode of current broadcast network shows such as Glee, Family Guy, Grey’s Anatomy, Modern Family, 30 Rock,House, The Office all season long. In addition, TV lovers will be able to enjoy full series runs and numerous back seasons of classic shows like The X-Files, Arrested Development, Desperate Housewives, Battlestar Galactica, Monk, Psych, Saturday Night Live, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, Ugly Betty, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and dozens more.”

Hulu Plus is great if you miss an episode of your favorite shows and you don’t have a DVR or own a TiVo you can simply turn on your TV and Hulu Plus on Roku and watch it instantly on your TV with Roku if you subscribe to Hulu Plus. It’s pretty great.

There are a few premium pay subscriptions for the Roku and there are plenty of FREE channels as well to choose from like Pandora. I love Pandora! It’s how I play music for any parties I have and I also listen to it at work. If you don’t know what Pandora is…Pandora is FREE online radio station where YOU get to pick and choose the stations and music you want to listen to. Currently my Pandora account is playing non stop Christmas music. It is the Holidays, so why not, and they sound amazing playing through my surround sound on my TV! It’s fantastic! I listen to it as I wrap my Christmas gifts!

Roku is a MUST HAVE for anyone this Holiday Season.  There really is something for everyone on the Roku. My family, especially my teen loves using the Roku! It’s easy enough for my entire family to use, which means it’s most likely easy enough for anyone to use. Roku is a small wonder! It’s beyond worth it to have in your home. And I’m sure who ever you gift a Roku to for the Holidays will love you for it!

Roku is available in three different players, HD, XD and XD/S. They range in price from $59.99 to $99.99. Once you purchase a Roku there are no additional fees or monthly service fees (except for the premium channels if you wish to subscribe to them). The HD or XD is fine if you simply want to stream your Netflix. The XD/S has the most features if you want the ultimate Roku that’s the one to get.

To learn more about the Fabulous Roku you can visit  


Just in time for the holiday season….Roku and Hulu are giving away a brand new Roku XD|S player and a one-year subscription of Hulu Plus. Entrants must 18 years of age and older. Sweepstakes ends December 9, 2010. For more details, please visit,2467

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I hope this Gift Idea helps you with your shopping this Holiday Season!

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**Disclosure: I received a Roku to review in order to feature it in my Holiday Gift Guide. All opinions are my own and I was not compensated in any way for this feature.**