Saving More Time To Enjoy Special Family Moments!


Hey All!

There are plenty of things I’d rather be doing, than cleaning dishes after our family meals. I honestly don’t think anyone loves doing dishes, especially when you don’t have a dish washer. We have a dishwasher, but you still have to rinse off all those dishes before you put them in. I think about all the time lost doing something I loathe doing and how many moments I missed with my family because of it. I determined that I’m going to take at least two day of the week to use some plates and forks from Dixie. I made a promise to my family to be more present and this is one way I’m doing it to save more time to enjoy those special family moments.


Thankfully, they have plates of all sizes and fun colors to use  for all our meals of the day. Whether we’re having mac and cheese for lunch or…


A tasty pizza dinner…


We can clean up so much easier and quicker, than if we had to wash off our non-disposable dishware. We just pile and throw away. We can get to all the fun things we want to do together with just a lift of the trashcan lid.


Hey now, this is not something I do every day. I do try to be some what green, but it’s something I do some times during the week to save some time and get a break from my usual routine. I know anyone with a family can relate to wanting to spend more time with the family. This was just one way I figured out I could at least get an hour back into my day. We don’t have to set the table with these. I just place a stack of plates on the table with some napkins and plastic utensils and serve the food family style. Everyone just grabs, eats, and then we throw out all that was used. It’s quick and it’s easy and it eliminates the hassle or daunting feelings of clean up. It allows us to get the opportunity to sit down on the couch and snuggle up to watch a movie together faster or to head out to enjoy some fun in the sun outside.


We love to spend our time at our local park just getting some exercise and play time together. Who wants to cooped up inside when there are lovely sunny days still left in the summer to enjoy? I know we don’t! After breakfast, lunch, or dinner we usually head out afterwards to do something fun together as a family. We pick one time of the day and we always like to keep it fun and spontaneous. We love to see new sites and try new things. We can do this when we make the time available to do it. I’m happy I figured out at least one thing that can easily help us get to those moments together quicker.

I love my Dixie plates even more for this reason. Let’s not forget to mention how cute the colors and patterns are on the plates.


They are not only cute, they are a family moment life saver! Cleaning up should never cover before our family moments together and Dixie helps me make that happen.

How do you find time to enjoy those special family moments?

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Dixie believes nothing should interrupt family moments. Gather around your loved ones, linger a little longer, and be more here.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Dixie. The opinions and text are all mine.