Say It with More than Just Flowers! #SP

Hey All!

Flowers are an underrated gift. It seems that because of the archaic nature of flower giving perhaps, through over use, the institution has been rendered jaded and a little empty. Well not for everyone! It’s a guarantee that any woman will swoon when presented with a spontaneous gift of flowers, and if she really maintains an alternative stand point to flowers, get her something other than the predictable red rose.

If you are looking for something really out of the box, why not go for a hibiscus, meaning delicate beauty, or a hyacinth, which means sincerity. Doing a little research into flower meanings can really show you have put a lot of work into the sentiment of the gift and banish any ideas of blank romanticism. Interflora gifts for her engage in the added personal touch to any flower gift.

Interflora thank you gifts go even further and beyond the realm of flowers. Not only can you pick your own meaningful blooms, there are loads of other gift ideas to choose from. There’s anything from biscuits to chocolates and champagne all of which are the perfect accompaniments to the classic bunch of flowers.

Aside from perhaps Valentine’s Day, the most romantic occasion of the year is your anniversary. Your anniversary should be even more meaningful than Valentine’s Day in fact because it is a celebration of your specific relationship and can never be degraded by the crass consumerism often related to Valentine’s Day.

To really make a mark on the one day a year that celebrates your love, Interflora anniversary gifts can help you on so many levels. The bouquets are handpicked by expert florists and come with loads of added extras. There are gift baskets, balloons and garden plants as well as cut flowers in an array of different shades and to suit an array of different budgets!


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