School of Rock – Get Your ‘Free Week’ at a Location Near you! – Review

Does your child like to play a musical instrument or do Rock Out to their favorite tune when they think you aren’t looking at them? Do they wish the could play an instrument or be in a rock band some day?

Well if you have a kid that has those dreams, like mine does, then you will have to check out School of Rock! They can get your kid playing and rocking in no time.

They can teach your child any of the following instruments: guitar, drums, keyboards, bass guitar or teach them how to belt their tunes by teaching them proper vocals. They have classes for every level of training and skill level so no child will be left out.

What’s your child’s skill level?

Rock 101: The Basics
Just Starting Out
Performance Program
Established Player
Camp Sessions
For All Students
All Stars
Advanced Players

Whatever level your child is, School of Rock will be great for them! Rock and roll is the heart and soul of what School of Rock does. They unleash talent and confidence in your children by allowing them to perform some of their favorite music. Their instructors live to play and play to live as they are all professional working musicians. This program is not just about playing an instrument, it’s about playing on a team. The diversity of their students and music makes School of Rock and very unique and special program that you should definitely check out!

The are offering a FREE WEEK to my readers! Yay you know we love free stuff on this blog!
The free week Includes one private trial lesson (30-45 min) and one Rock 101 group class (90 min)! To redeem your free week call 866-371-0557 and use code SORBLOG
Or you can go online to redeem this offer by Completing the online form on their site and input the SORBLOG code in the Questions/Comments field and the school will contact you directly.  Your Free week must be completed by Oct. 31, 2010 
This Offer is only available at participating locations and is subject to scheduling and availability! Click the word LOCATION TO FIND A LOCATION NEAR YOU!
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The School of Rock is the national leader in music education and has been teaching kids how to amaze audiences for more than ten years. 
The school’s mission is to inspire kids to rock on stage and in life! I hope you will take this opportunity to inspire your children and allow the to express themselves in an artistic way!

Let’s all Rock out together!

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**Disclaimer: I was not compensated or given anything to post this review and information. This post is part of a OneToOneNetwork campaign to help spread the word about the company mention.**