Shopping Tips For Working Moms!

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This post has been sponsored by Member’s Mark Brand 2-ply Facial Tissue.

Hey All!

As a working Mom with a baby under one year old, my work never stops! I’m always on the go whether I’m covering an event or chasing the baby around the house. He’s now just starting to walk and I’m all about convenience and finding a life/work balance right now!

That’s when I do my shopping, I’m usually stocking up on the essentials like Member’s Mark Brand 2-ply Facial Tissue at Sam’s Club! This ensures that I never have to miss a beat! This way, I don’t have to waste time going on multiple shopping trips a week. It’s so helpful, especially with a baby!

If you are a busy working mom like me and use tissues for everything under the sun, I thought I would share some tips with you today on how I’m saving on them and also finding that work life balance thanks to a little help from Sam’s Club!

First of all, we stock up on Member’s Mark Brand 2-ply Facial Tissue sold exclusively at Sam’s Club & Sam’s

Stocking up saves us a lot of time and money, since we don’t have to waste more time and gas to drive to the store to get tissues each week. These come in a big package of 12 full size rectangular boxes. This is not a package of those little square box tissues! No Sir!

These tissues have a gentle 2-ply softness & are great quality for everyday care! They are also hypoallergenic and free from ink, perfume, lotion and fragrance. I don’t know about you, but I hate scented tissues personally. That always bothers me!

As I mentioned before, I use tissues all the time. I use them when I’m putting on my make-up, when I’m making a project for the blog, when I’m playing with the baby, and more!

I always have a tissue box handy to wipe down the baby with. He’s a big drooler if you can imagine.

I have a box of tissues every room in our home and I have one in each of our cars. I don’t leave home without tissues! We all have allergies and always need to blow our nose. It’s also very hot here in sunny Southern California, so I’m always using a tissue to blot my face when I’m out and about working.

That’s one of my biggest tips, keep tissue boxes in every room in the house. That was you don’t have to waste time searching for tissues when you need them.

Also can I just say the colors and the box designs of the Member’s Mark Brand 2-ply Facial Tissue compliment my home décor perfectly. That’s another tip I have! If you’re worried having tissues in every room in the house will stick out like a sore thumb, make sure you get tissues like Member’s Mark Brand 2-ply Facial Tissue that have fun designs and colors that match your home.

This way you don’t have to spend time hiding your tissue boxes around the house. Trusted Member’s Mark Brand Quality & Superior Value backed by Sam’s Club Member satisfaction guarantee!

You can purchase them from Sam’s Club online in addition to in-club with everyday free shipping!

I personally love to use Scan & Go when shopping at Sam’s Club!

Scan & Go allows you to scan items as you shop, pay from your phone and skip the checkout line in club! You read that right! You don’t even have to check out a register with Scan & Go!

With the Sam’s Club app you can also easily reorder your essentials aka your frequently ordered items! They are displayed on the homepage. You can even check-in for Club Pickup orders when you’re on your way: Sam’s Club will have it ready when you arrive.

That’s my final tip of the day! Use the Sam’s Club app to save time when you shop there. I love it because that helps me get back home quickly so I can enjoy fun moments like these with my little baby boy.

He truly takes after his mama. He loves tissues just as much as I do! He’ll be starting pre-school soon and I’ll be surely sending him to school with some tissues. You better believe it!

I hope these tips help all you busy working moms out there find some work/life balance. With Back to School time around the corner, you’re going to need all the time you can get!

Be sure to stock up for Back to School and for the year at Sam’s Club! You can shop them online and in store. You’ll definitely start the school year off right if you do.

Check out the Sam’s Club website for more info on Member’s Mark Brand 2-ply Facial Tissue and to find some great deals!

This post has been sponsored by Member’s Mark Brand 2-ply Facial Tissue.

Thanks for supporting amazing brands like this one that keep this Brite & Bubbly party going!


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