Will Have You Ready to Assemble! #Avengers #theavengersevent

Hey All!

So you all know I was invited to The Avengers Event Premiere Closing Night Screening of the Tribeca Film Festival in NYC, where I had the opportunity to interview some of the cast of the film and walk the red carpet and see the film a week early! I knew I had to get myself geeked out for this event and I knew just where to go! has every Avengers product my family and I could possibly want. They were kind enough to send me such an amazing variety of stuff to get myself ready for the Avengers.

For the plane ride over, we were on the Avengers plane so I had to entertain myself by watching Thor and Captain America.

And I listened to them on my Thor EarBud Headphones!

I had planned on blogging from the plane while I wore these but there was a ridiculous amount of turbulence on the way to NYC so it was difficult to even snap these pictures on my Iphone. I also was wearing the Avengers Team A shirt so I can show my Avengers Pride while at the event.

When we finally got to NYC I felt I was ready to represent the Avengers!

While at the event I had a date to the red carpet and interviews and that was my Captain America Bobble Head.

I wasn’t allowed to take pictures during the interviews and had to check in my stuff at the red carpet so I couldn’t snap a bunch of pictures of me with the stars and with the bobble head. I did get to snap a few pics on the red carpet before I checked my stuff in and you can see I’m wearing The Avengers Button set on my handbag as I walk the red carpet!

They were the perfect geeky touch I needed for the red carpet! It was an amazing event and I was showing my geek pride thanks to! And to say thanks to Disney for letting me represent on the red carpet I gave my favorite Disney Rep that Captain America tie you see above and he loved it! Who wouldn’t!

When I got back from this event, and last Thursday we had tickets to the Avengers Movie marathon and we wanted to have a party to celebrate! We got out our Avengers Scavenger Hunt Game and Avengers Wall Decals to decorate with also thanks to They really are your one stop shop to all things The Avengers!

We got into our best Avengers gear and partied before the movies!

Even the dogs got in on the fun!

I made some more Avengers cookies to celebrate.

And we decided to take the Captain America Bobble Head with us to the movies! Needless to say he was a big hit amongst a sea of geeks. Everyone wanted to know where we got all out geeky gear and of course I was happy to let them know.

The Captain America Bobble Head really enjoyed doing this Marathon! It was the perfect way to see The Avengers!

Thanks so much again to for helping us celebrate the Avengers all week long! If you’re looking for anything Avengers check out! I can’t wait until comic con and all the geeky fun will have then!

***Disclosure: I was not compensated or paid in any way for this post. I solely received these products to feature and I am sharing this for the benefit of my readers. All opinions are my own.***