Some more Tips! 10 Holiday Survival tips!

Hey All!

As we’re getting ready for the holidays we have to take some steps to prepare ourselves for the madness the holidays can bring. Whether it’s waiting for a hot ticket item in a store for hours in the the cold or braving the crowds and traffic to get to a store, I plan as much as I can ahead of time so I’m not left with too much stress and panic during this time. I find ways to survive while my family is waiting for Santa to arrive. With twittermoms and Tiny Prints I’ll share my tips for surving this holiday season with you. Hopefully they can help you survive as well!

1. I said it before and I’ll say it again! MAKE A LIST FOR EVERYTHING! Make a list of the people your shopping for this year and a list of people who sent cards to you last year and using a great system by Tiny Prints christmas cards share a photo with family, friends and others.

2. Try making some the gifts you give out this year! It saves time at the store and can sometimes save you money. I’m making a ton of soaps and candies and placing them in some gift bags as gifts this year. It’s a personalize gift I’m sure anyone who gets it will appreciate the effort you put into making it for them.

3. If you can, buy gifts in bulk. Like if you can get a gift basket filled with an array of items, you can break it down and make it multiple gifts.

4. If traveling for the Holidays make sure you send out your gifts out before you leave for your trip. Don’t take them on the plane with you and try to pack as much as you can into your carry on bag and try not to check anything in. It will save you time waiting and searching for bags when you land.

5. Buy GIFT CARDS! Let the person decide what they want. If you know someone love Target, get them a Target gift card so they can pick their gift out themselves. It will save you the time and them a trip to the stores to return a gift they may not like that you gave them.

6. Try to buy all your Holiday baking supplies ahead of time. If you plan on baking cookies or cakes or any treats for the Holidays buy what ingredients you need ahead of time so you aren’t searching for them if the Stores run out closer to the Holidays.

7. Make or get a candy filled Advent calendar so that your kids can have a fun activity to do as they count down the days until Christmas. Try to make a game out of it for example by allowing the child who finishes his homework or chores first gets to open the day door or number envelope and get the candy inside.

8. Try out new ideas for gifts or christmas cards this year or try going to a new event this year so that you can always keep the Holidays feeling unique and fresh each year!

9. PRINT OUT A CALENDAR OF EVENTS:  There are so many great activities to do with the Family for the holidays. If you want to make sure you don’t want to miss any of the festivities make sure you keep track of all that dates and times they are taking place.

10. SHOP AHEAD OF TIME: Don’t wait until the last minute to shop so you don’t feel overwhelmed when the stores are out of the gifts your seeking to buy.  Better yet, buy online. is my favorite. So many online businesses also offer free shipping and no tax. So take advantage of it and save money and time!

BONUS: 11. And last but not least a bonus tip, don’t get overwhelmed this Holiday Season. Take time to enjoy all the little things that surround you this holiday season like the smell of fresh cookies, or the look on someone’s face when you give them a gift they love, and the time you get to spend with your family. You’ll never get those unique moments again so don’t let them pass you buy.

A special thanks to Tiny Prints and Twitter moms for allowing me to share these tips with you. And in case you didn’t know what Tiny Prints was:

I love their cards and I’m sure you will too. So please check out Tiny Prints for all your Holiday Card needs. And I hope these tips will help you survive this Holiday season.

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