Special Momentos With My Family and Friends!

The Queen of Swag was invited to participate in #MomentosCoke as part of Coca-Cola’s celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month. All opinions expressed are my own.

Wedding Day

Hey All!

I recently got married as you all know and there is nothing that brings together family like a wedding! A wedding is one of  the most important special ‘momentos’ that you can share with your family and friends.  It unites us with our loved ones from all around the country. It even brings out some people we haven’t seen in some time.

Each wedding is like a big family reunion. At our wedding and every wedding I’ve ever been to in our family we always make sure to have some of the family traditions incorporated into the ceremonies and receptions. For example, We’ll have some traditional Puerto Rican, Cuban, and Mexican foods. Food is something we’ve shared so many amazing memories and moments with in our family. Food is how my family keeps our traditions going. We bond, teach, and learn while cooking meals with abuelita and my mother. That also goes with drinks. We are very loyal to the brands we love and I always remember my mother buying Coca-Cola. She loved making ice cream floats with it. She’s addicted to her as she puts it “Mi Cocka Cola.”

Those are my parents in the picture below standing with us on my wedding day. My Puerto Rican mom is to the left and my Cubano dad is to the right. She literally called months before the wedding to make sure we had her Coke at the wedding as she didn’t want any other brand there. It felt like a family tradition to have a drink like Coke at my wedding since it’s been around in my family for so long. I may not be a big soda drinker today, but I will always have fond memories of how much joy Coke has brought my family together. My wedding was one of those special moments as we got the opportunity to celebrate our families coming together as one and the journey of many new moments together now as husband and wife and now as a traditional family.

Coca-Cola bridges generations. It connects the young, old and in-between by being something the whole family enjoys.


Coca-Cola has been a part of so many of the important moments in my family’s life and they want to continue making new memories. That’s why they are celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month by bringing more families together with special trips and prizes.


This Hispanic Heritage Month, nine lucky families will win in the Momentos Coke Sweepstakes a grand prize travel experience, which includes a $2,000 Delta Airlines voucher and a $1,000 gift card. Coca-Cola is giving away 27 Second Place prizes: A $500 Delta Airlines travel voucher. Coca-Cola is also giving away 270 Third place prizes: International calling cards to help keep families connected. Each is worth $40. Coca-Cola believes travel is one of the best ways to connect with your family. It’s an opportunity to experience some unforgettable moments and, in this case, the chance to be closer to your loved ones.

Visit www.MomentosCoke.com to enter. Or post a picture on twitter or Instagram of your family using #MomentosCoke for your chance to win one of these great prizes.

Coca-Cola knows it’s the little things that elevate moments: a smile, a hug and even a Coke. Coca-Cola marks these moments with your family and other loved ones.

Coca-Cola cree en el fomentar la herencia cultural. Es por eso que queremos dar a las familias hispanas la oportunidad de conectarse a través de los viajes a sus países de origen. La unión familiar mantiene fuertes legados culturales y tradiciones familiares.


What unforgettable momento will you be sharing with Coke?