Spooktasty- MUDDY PUPPYS DOG TREATS! – Swaggerific Halloween Guide Feature

Hey all,

We can’t forget our furry friends this Halloween. They need some treats too! My doggy Mr. Pink has a very sensitive stomach, just like the rest of his family, so I’m very careful with the treats I give him. I really wanted to have a special treat for him this Halloween since it’s only fair that he has something along with the rest of the family that will be enjoying a variety of treats this Halloween.

I managed to find some amazing All natural and Organic treats that he loves from an online shop called MUDDY PUPPYS. This online store has the most amazing looking and apparently tasting dog treats.

The owner is a former cook who is now dog groomer/shop owner and she makes all her amazing dog treats by hand. She has an amazing selection of  Halloween treats at great prices. I purchased this set of All Natural Dog Candy Skull peanut butter cups.

They came in an adorable gift wrapped box that looked good enough for a human to eat! These treats are made with Yogurt and Unsweet Carob so they are very easy on your dogs belly.

As you can see in the pic bellow he loves these treats and he can’t get enough of them! And yes he has a corona beer stuffed toy and yes his little leg is bandaged up because he keeps licking and irritating a bug bite he has on that spot. Oh the vet bills. I digress…

The owner believes in only eating the best all natural, organic and believes dogs should eat the same and I agree!

She has all these amazing treats Special for Halloween! Like these All Natural Dog Candy Skull and Pumpkin peanut butter cups.

These are made with Yogurt, peanut butter, and Unsweet Carob. Colors and amounts that you order can be changed if you want them to come in a particular amount or color. And they also come in a gift wrapped box with a Halloween theme and are Super cute!

Or these homemade Natural Peanut Butter Dog Biscuits. These Halloween bones you can have personalized special if you’d like. How cute! This order is for a set of 2 Bones each 4.5 inches long. They are dipped in yogurt and unsweet carob and decorated. Ingredients include: Whole Wheat flour, Peanut Butter, Wheat Bran, Brown Rice, Corn Oil, Parsley, Garlic, Unsalted Peanuts, unsweetened carob and yogurt.

Your Dog will love all these wonderful treats. They are good for any size dog Big or Small! So check out MUDDY PUPPYS for some amazing dog treats. You can visit there store by clicking HERE!
I promise you won’t be disappointed with this purchase. I know I’m not since it’s hard to shop for a sensitive dog. So I’m super thankful to have found MUDDY PUPPY’s store.
I’m sure you will be thankful as well.
Thanks for letting me share my love of MUDDY PUPPY’s with you and thanks for following.
Happy Halloween to you and your furry friends.

**Disclosure: I was not paid or compensated  by MUDDY PUPPY’S to do this review. I purchased some treats for my dog and simply wanted to share a great place to get dog treats with my readers. All opinions are my own.**