STAR WARS EXHIBIT at the Discovery Science Center! #Family Fun!

Hey All!

Last weekend, which also happened to be my birthday my family and I were invited to go check out the AMAZING STAR WARS: Where Science Meets Imagination exhibit at the Discovery Science Center! I can’t tell you how perfect this was for me and my family since we are huger Star Wars nerds! This is our tree if you haven’t seen our Star Wars Tree yet. Those are R2 lights and Star Wars decorations and a Darth Tater for a topper. I digress.

It was awesome. We couldn’t wait to get into the Millennium Falcon Experience. We got there almost when it opened. I was told it opened at 10am but it actually opened at 9am, but luckily it wasn’t full and hardly anyone was there at this hour. I like getting to places earlier when it’s less crowded.

We got out tickets and headed to the Millennium Falcon Experience. It was located outside there is a full-size replica of the cockpit of the Star Wars IV’s Millennium Falcon.

The three of us got to go on alone which was great as they normally take in 6 at a time, but I got to take lots of great pictures while in the cockpit of the Millennium Falcon. Oh how I wish I had a Chewie in the Cockpit with us. It was an amazing and interesting experience to say the least. It really looked and felt like you were sitting in the cockpit and we had C3PO Anthony Daniels and R2D2 beeping away as the experience went on. It was kind of like Star Tours but more realistic. You get to see some real life pictures of our own galaxy as well. It was pretty awesome!

I had to get my fiance and teen to stop touching things. I was so scared they were going to flip the wrong switch or something since they were so many switches and buttons to play with in the cockpit.

After that amazing experience we went inside for their amazing exhibit of Star Wars Exhibit that had memorabilia from the films mixed with some real life possibilities of what futuristic technology exists today. They also had an amazing exhibit/competition of Ginger Bread creations when you first came in.

Here is one of my favorite Ginger Bread creations there!

We entered the exhibit…

All our favorite Characters from the films were there! Like Darth Vader!

R2D2 my favorite with C3P0 and princess Lea’s costumes.

Han Solo and Chewbacca and my teen…

Doctor Ball! If you watch Robot Chicken you love Doctor Ball just as much as I do.

This is a must see for Star Wars fans! Honest to god!

We got to see so much Star Wars Movie memorabilia and each display had a written explanation along with a device you could hear audio commentary on as well. That’s a picture of the device below that you stick up to your ear.

The exhibit was also very interactive with a drivable hover craft and robots you can build and program to move. It was a blast!

VISIT My Google Plus SlideShow to see all our pics of the  STAR WARS: Where Science Meets Imagination exhibit HERE!

Star Wars: Where Science Meets Imagination is presented by Bose Corporation.

  • Build and test your own speeders and robots
  • Ride a hovercraft and try your hand at steering
  • See real artifacts, costumes and props from all six Star Wars films
  • Explore the technology of droids and landspeeders
  • And much more!

Star Wars: Where Science Meets Imagination Ticket prices are:

Exhibit Admission:

  • At the Door: $8/member
  • Online: $6/member

Millennium Falcon Experience: $5/member*

Jedi Pass: Just $15/member

  • Unlimited access to Star Wars: Where Science Meets Imagination
  • Free admission to monthly Star Wars related member events and programming

You can learn more About Membership to the center here!

*Millennium Falcon experience is not included in Star Wars exhibit tickets. Millennium Falcon experience is a separate $5 ticket that must be purchased at Discovery Science Center’s front desk. Availability is limited for this experience; please arrive early to reserve your tickets.

**Unlimited access during normal operating hours only. Millennium Falcon experience is not included in Jedi Pass.

NON-MEMBERS – Star Wars: Where Science Meets Imagination Tickets

General Science Center Admission:

  • Adults $14.95
  • Children (3-14) $12.95
  • Seniors (60+) $12.95

Exhibit Admission*:

  • At the Door $10
  • Online $8

For more information or to reserve tickets visit or call 714-513-CUBE.

We had a blast at this exhibit! If you love Star Wars just as much as we do and are in Los Angeles Area you should definitely run and see this exhibit! It’s also a great holiday activity for the family as Santa is also there to say hi to kids! I highly recommend it!

***Disclosure: I was not compensated or paid in any way for this post. I attended this exhibit for free with my family and I am sharing this for the benefit of my readers. All opinions are my own.***