Stay Organized for Back to School with Organizher- Review

Hey Moms! So Back to school is coming and we all need to be organized and ready for when school starts. We need to keep track of school work, Important school dates and exams, lunches, meals, and budgets.

I had the amazing luck to be able to win some fabulous new Mead products from their Organizher collection that can help you keep track of it all! Oh My God I love them! You don’t even know! I know we can all use a little more organization in our busy lives, Ok let’s be honest, we really need a lot of help getting organized! I know I do. Organization can be a big problem for me and my family and these products help get us on the path to living an organized life.

Organizher offers functional, flexible, fashionable products designed with the modern household in mind. They are perfect for busy moms trying to juggle a family and career at the same time like myself. Most women juggle multiple schedules, long to-do lists, budget tracking, and meal planning – not just for one person, but for an entire family (like I do). My family sometimes can’t function without me keeping everyone on track and on schedule. And now that I have Organizher products to help me and my family get organized and it helps me keep my sanity.

They have a variety of products ranging from but not limited to:

-Magnetic Calendar Center

This week by week calendar is mostly blank so you can fill in the dates and organize your days by family member. This is great for keeping track of lessons and appointments and to get an overview of the week ahead

-Month-to-Month Family Wall Calendar

This undated wall calendar includes four pages of color coded reposition-able labels to differentiate and classify schedules and recurring activities.

-Write n Wipe Meal Center

A weekly meal planning dry erase grid plus an attached paper “shopping list” notepad makes this a complete meal center. Magnetic so it can conveniently hang on your fridge, this meal center helps organize lunch and dinner menus as well as any groceries that are needed. Dry erase pen with eraser attached.

Family To-Do Magnetic Notepad 

Manage the entire family’s to-do’s with this convenient notepad. Hang it on the fridge for easy access, or tear a page away for on-the-go reference.

And last but not least (My favorite product from Organizher by far!

The Organizher Expense Tracker

It will helps me keep track of monthly expenses, stick to my budget, and keep track of bills and receipts. It’s never too late to get financially organized. The Expense Tracker’s 12 undated monthly pockets hold bills and receipts while two storage envelopes contain loose papers. Tech Lock® rings make it easy to incorporate bank statements and printouts from financial planning software.

They offer a variety of more products that are available at Target stores or you can also check out by clicking here to go to Mead’s website.

I listed the products I have had the privilege of using.

Everyday I strive to organize my life and it’s not an easy job. Sometimes trying to stay Organized can be a full time job in and of itself, but Mead OrganizHer products are designed for people just like me – a busy mom blogger! With the help of the Mead OrganizHer products, I’ve started to become a much more organized person.

With the Write n Wipe Meal Center in particular, I’ve been able to plan my family meals for the week as well maintain a schedule for myself and my family, saving us time and a little money in the process.

The more we eat in and not order take out or buy lunches, the more money we save. The heavy duty magnets on the back of both the Write n Meals Center as well as the attached paper “shopping list” notepad make it easy to hang right on the refrigerator right where I need it and plan out meals for lunch and dinner ahead of time.

With the magnetic shopping list, I’ve been keeping an ongoing shopping list so we can get everything we need for the week and cut down on trips to the grocery store or to Target (My home away from home). Making these lists saves me time and money! Especially when gas prices are high, you don’t really want to waste gas making multiple trips to the grocery store. I also love how the list has little circle bullets next to each line that you can use to check or mark off the items you purchase, so you can keep track of what you bought already and what you haven’t.

The Organizher products haven’t completely solved all of my organization problems, but they have come very close to solving them. I really don’t know how I’ve lived with out them! I highly recommend you go out and get some Organizher products so that you too can begin your journey towards organization.

Thanks so much for following my blog and I hope this post helps in all your back to school organizational needs.

**I was not compensated nor was I given any products to do this review.  No companies mentioned were or are involved in this review in  any way. All opinions are my own. I won these products in a contest and they have been so helpful to me especially around back to school time and I thought I would write a review to tell my readers how helpful they are in hopes that these products may help them also**