Staying Healthy During Busy Months!

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Hey All!

Summer is sadly about to wrap up on the 21st of September, which means school time and the holidays coming. I usually refer to this time as bring home home all the germs or run around like a mad woman season. With kids back to school, work, and the holidags, I’m sure you’re feeling the grind as well. Nothing brings home more germs than kids in schools! The holidays are such a busy time for me and I usually end up not taking the best care of myself and not keeping myself healthy or my immune system strong. I’m switching it up this year since I found the Ricola Herbal Immunity Lozenges. They are available in CVS, Walgreens and Rite-Aid stores around the country. These great new lozenges that give my immune system a boost, so I can keep those pesky germs away when I’m super busy.


I don’t have much time to waste during these months, so I made a to-do list to follow each day and have a calendar with my schedule for work and visiting family for the holidays. This will keep me less stressed and on track during these busy months. Nothing breaks down an immune system like stress. My main focus is to not get stressed during the busy times and to make sure I take a break to pamper and relax. I’m getting in some exercise and making sure I’m doing things to boost my immune system, like eating some Ricola Herbal Immunity Lozenges. Making sure I exercise helps me to keep my energy level up when I’m very busy.


Ricola Herbal Immunity harnesses the power of herbs, ginseng and vitamins B6, B12 and C to boost immunity strength and fight fatigue. I definitely need all the energy I can get during those holiday months. The New Ricola Herbal Immunity helps you stay well and gives you the power to always bring your “A Game”. I love to host and have the house full for the holidays, so I have to bring my “A Game” during this time of year. I always want everyone to feel like they had the best time ever when they come to visit. To make sure that happens, I can’t afford to get sick and fall behind with both my work and planning.


The New Ricola Herbal Immunity is available in two varieties:

  • Ricola Herbal Immunity Honey Herb Lozenges
  • Ricola Herbal Immunity Citrus Herb Lozenges

I prefer the Honey Herb flavor, but they are both great. They are one small and easy addition to my to do list to remember to take. I’m also giving some to my hubby, so he too can get a boost. Anything I can do to keep the germs from coming home this year, I’ll do.


I know keeping with my schedule and to-do list and taking some Ricola Herbal Immunity Lozenges will keep me and my immune system ready for the busy months ahead.

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