Staying Healthy During The Busy Holidays!


Hey All!

The holidays are here and our busy shopping adventures have begun. It’s such a hectic time of year and we often put our health on the back burner because of it. For this reason, I always find myself getting sick during this time. I’m always running around shopping for the holidays and I often forget to eat and rest. It takes a toll on my body each year and it’s not good. This year I’m making sure to follow the motto of #FindYourHealthy thanks to the folks at CVS/pharmacy, I’m making it happen! I’m vowing to change the way I do things, so I can keep myself healthy through out the holiday season. I’m made myself a little holiday shopping survival kit, which I’ll use every time I go out on a holiday shopping adventure.

I’ll need to have energy after shopping trips, since I’ll have a lot of gift wrapping to do.


My holiday shopping survival kit consists of:

Let me take a moment to explain why these are all essentials in my kit.


Before I go shopping, I’m drinking one of the protein shakes. It will give me enough energy to get me going in the morning. I’ll pair it with some fruit or a breakfast bar for breakfast. You can’t run around all day on an empty stomach. I learned this the hard way. There will not be a repeat happening this year.

I will put CVS Women’s Performance Ball and Foot Cushions in my shoes to keep my feet comfortable and blister free as I run around all day shopping. I will bring a first aid kit in case any accidents do occur. You never know when a blister will pop up or you’ll cut yourself reaching for those rolls of wrapping paper. There is nothing worse than begging for a bandaid in a department store.

To give my immune system a boost, I’ll take some of these Vitamin C tablets. That will help my immune system battle any germs I may catch in the stores. No colds for me!


It’s a tiny bottle, so it can easily be stored in my purse. I can take it whenever I feel is best during my busy shopping day. I’m not going to lie and say shopping isn’t stressful. You never know when a battle might break out in a store for that last hot holiday toy on the shelf. That’s why I’m carrying around some “All Day Pain Reliever”, in case I get a headache from all the drama. There is nothing worse than shopping all day with a headache and not having anything to take for it.


And lastly, If I do forget to eat lunch, I will have some snack bars and fruit clusters on me to snack on until I get something to eat. I’m leaving them by my front door, so I don’t forget to take them when I leave. No more waiting until I get home to eat. I learned I was draining myself of energy even faster by not eating all day and that’s not good when you’re drained and carrying tons of gifts home. If I bring the kidlets shopping with me, they’ll need some snacks as well. Kids can’t make it five minutes with out snacks!


I know making this small adjustment to my holiday season lifestyle habits and shopping adventures will help me tremendously. It will help me to stay healthy and energized for every shopping trip I take during this busy holiday season.

I highly recommend you head over to CVS/pharmacy or and make yourself a little holiday shopping survival kit. You’ll definitely be able to #FindYourHealthy if you do! I know I did!

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Happy holiday shopping folks!