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Hey All!

Are you looking for some amazing Hand Made fresh Holiday Candy to gift your family and friends this Holiday Season? Well look no further than Sticky Candy Making shop!

It’s located inside the amazing candy store Sweet located in Hollywood California!

They can truly make such Amaaaaazing hand crafted candy right in front of you! And they can even put in phrases, words, and images in the candy! I recently got introduced to this candy and I have so much of it I decided to gift it to my family and friends. I even made my own little Holiday Centerpiece with the candy I love it so much! I loved this shop in particular as it’s a small family owned business that is straight from Australia! You can find the actual owners making the candy and behind the counter!

The Lollipops will make amazing stocking stuffers this year!

They recently made me my very own Queen of Swag candy! You can see what MY candy looks like in the picture below.

It’s a perfectly round hard candy with amazing words Queen of Swag and even a gold crown in the middle!

It’s really like magic how they make this candy and it tastes amazing too!!! First they pour out steaming hot candy that is about 300 degrees onto a cool surface. The add the food coloring to the candy for the colors they want to use for the candy. They then mold each candy into individual piles of candy.

They then mold and stretch each candy by hand and separately. They then start to build each letter and shape that will appear on the candy piece by piece!

They use huge sharp scissors to cut the candy and they do it on a hot surface so the candy remains easy to mold. Once all the letters and pieces are ready they start to put the candy together.

They roll each piece into one another. It’s a sight to see as you can see people always love to watch how this amazing candy is made.

Once they have all the parts of the candy rolled up together they begin to magically stretch the candy into thin pieces of candy!

It literally goes from bill to tiny! It’s amazing to see!

They cut the candy into to sticks then break the candy into little pieces!

It breaks off very easily. It’s almost like glass! When they make fresh candy at Sticky they always give samples to the customers watching! The Queen of Swag candy was a big hit! It’s Orange Pineapple flavored candy! Yum!

You can get the candy packaged in three different sizes. 2 pound bags, tiny party favor sized bags, or in some pink Sticky resealable bags.

Or you can get the candy in these small, medium, or large glass jars. These candies would make perfect party and wedding favors. Yes they even make candy for weddings!

I’ve been handing out this candy all over town as my Christmas Gift to those who I’ve worked with as well as to friends and random people I meet at events.

All love the candy as you can see in the picture below! Even the folks at the Toyota booth love the candy.

I LOVE STICKY candy and if you’re looking for some perfect Holiday Candy…

You definitely want to check out Sticky Candy Making shop in Hollywood California. I guarantee you will love it just as much as I do!






***Disclosure: I was not compensated or paid in any way for this post. I solely received these products to  feature in this gift guide and I am sharing this for the benefit of my readers. All opinions are my own.***