Stock Up Sale Going Strong at Albertsons. #StockUpSale

This is part of sponsored campaign on behalf of Albertsons. All Opinions are my own.

Hey All!

Another week has gone by and it’s time I went shopping for our groceries. Unlike most people, I love go to the grocery store every week to shop. I shop at Alberstons every week as they are always well stocked and clean. The staff is always helpful and there is always someone around to help me find what I need. It’s not one of those grocery stores where everyone is always in a rush and seems always to busy to help you. It’s not like that at Alberstons. I’ve never had anyone ignore me or try to rush me along because they honestly didn’t want to help me.

Needless to say I love my Albertsons. This week they are having a Stock Up Sale on some of my favorite products and the prices were amazing. It’s Halloween Season so I needed to stock up on my Pillsbury Crescent rolls. I use these to make our Mummy Dogs aka hotdogs wrapped in Pillsbury Crescent rolls.


I also had to pick up some Pillsbury Cinnamon Rolls as they also come with Box Tops for Education.


As you can see they were both for a great price of only $1.98 with the Stock Up Sale!

You can support your schools while you save on groceries since some of the sale-priced products like these that you can find at Albertsons include some that participate in Box Tops for Education, Labels for Education and My Coke Rewards for Schools.

You can view a complete list of products that earn Box Tops for Education or Campbell’s Labels for Education at these sites linked. Box of tops is such an amazing program. It’s fantastic to know that I’m supporting education as I shop.

I also stocked up on pasta as we needed that too!



As you can see it was a Mega Sale at only $1.38 a box and you can Mix and Match which kind of Pasta you waned to get!

I love that you can mix and match and still get the great deals at Albertsons.

I highly recommend you visit your local Albertsons and check out the #StockUpSale!

Stay tuned to see what I pick up next week!

What will you be stocking up on for this sale?