Story Time With The “Will You Be My Friend?” Book!

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Are you looking for the perfect book for story time with your little one? Check out Will You Be My Friend? from Sam McBratney and illustrations by Anita Jeram.

Hey All! 

For my son and I, story time is our favorite time of day. It’s a time when we can snuggle on the couch together and read one of our favorite books. My son is still learning to read and he is obsessed with books. We try to find a new book to read each day, unless it’s one of his favorite books. If it is one of his favorites, he wants to read that book numerous times a day! His latest fave is from Candlewick Press and it’s called Will You Be My Friend? from Sam McBratney and illustrations by Anita Jeram.

It’s a beautiful book and I love reading books from Candlewick press. In case you’ve never heard of this publisher, Candlewick Press is an independent publisher based in Somerville, Massachusetts. It’s a smaller publishing company and I always support smaller businesses.

They’ve been around for more than 30 years and Candlewick has published outstanding children’s books for readers of all ages. They have some popular book series like Judy Moody, Mercy Watson, Guess How Much I Love You?, Maisy, and Where’s Waldo. You may have some of their books in your library and not even know it! I know I do! Who doesn’t love Where’s Waldo?

Will You Be My Friend? is beautifully illustrated and features naturalistic, airy ink and watercolor illustrations! Each page is a work of art as you read the book. It is the sequel to Guess How Much I Love You?, which was first published in 1994 and is widely recognized as a modern classic (and perennial baby shower gift). I love that book as well and think I got it at my own baby shower!

Not only is the book beautifully illustrated, the story is amazing too! The story leaps from the pages of this newest saga in the Nutbrown Hare story.

Little Nutbrown Hare is growing up and heading out in search of a friend. He goes all over in his sweet search for a friend and he is lucky to meet and make a new friend. 

The young hare and his new friend have a wonderful time playing together throughout the story. It’s truly an enchanting tale about friendship and the joy of making a new friend. It’s also such a sweet story for your little ones to have read to them or to read with them for story time. I know the story is about a hare, but it’s honestly a loving portrayal of a young child’s growing independence. 

I know parents will surely recognize and relate to this story as they read it. My son is growing more and more independent each day. I wish I could stop time and just spend all day having story time with him, but sadly mommy has to work from home. He knows when mama has to work and he’s learning ways to entertain himself. He’s disappointed at first, but soon finds something to do on his own. Reading a book (or looking at the photos in books) is usually what he likes to do on his own! 

We look forward to story time together each day and Will You Be My Friend? is his new book of choice and it’s mine too! I love reading it with him! If you’re looking for a beautifully illustrated and written book for your family’s story times, you will love this sweet picture book for little ones. I highly recommend it!