Stretch Break Mickey Mouse & Doorables Tag-A-Longs Toys For The Holidays!

Have a little Disney fan that you’re looking for the perfect gift for? Check out Stretch Break Mickey Mouse and Doorables Tag-A-Longs!

Stretch Break Mickey In Box

Hey All!

Are you still looking for the perfect gift ideas for those Disney loving Kids? Well look no further than the Stretch Break Mickey Mouse from the Disney Junior series Mickey Mouse Funhouse and Disney Doorables Tag-A-Longs Stitch Wearable Figure and Charms. The Stretch Break Mickey would make and amazing gift and the Doorables would make the perfect stocking stuffer!

Stretch Break Mickey In Box

Kids will love showing off their super stretchy dance moves with Mickey. He stands at 16 inches tall and is tons of interactive fun. Mickey Mouse comes dressed in a red, blue, and yellow Funhouse themed outfit featuring a cool light up sweatshirt. It has two modes of play, Mickey Mouse sings and dances to the “Stretch Break” song and can teach kids the steps to his favorite dance moves!

Stretch Break Mickey In Box

Disney Junior fans will love getting their little bodies moving and singing along with Mickey Mouse! It’s for ages 3 and up! As you can see my son loves it! He loves to dance with it!

Stretch Break Mickey In Box

Check out the video below to see this amazing toy in action. You’ll also see the joy it brings to those little Disney Jr fans.



The Disney Doorables Tag-A-Longs make for a super cute stocking stuffer. They are a fun way for kids to add creativity to their style. This is the Stitch character design.

Disney Stitch measures approximately 3.25 inches tall and has an adjustable loop, allowing kids to easily fasten him to their outfit or bookbag, and add flare to their style.

It has a signature Doorables style with super cute sparkly glitter eyes. Stitch is filled with sparkling glitter and iridescent iconic confetti.

You can shake hime up like a snow globe and see his body wiggle as the glitter floats inside. They even come with three collectible charms including two friends and one icon!

It’s for ages 5 and up. It’s such a fun gift for the holidays. You can even hang him on the tree like an ornament!

Highly recommend them as great gifts for the holidays! Thanks to Just Play for sending them over for us to feature in our Holiday Gift Guide!

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