Summer Rays Stay Away Thanks to Coppertone #CoppertoneWaterMom

***Disclosure: I was not compensated or paid in any way for this post. I solely received samples as part of the Coppertone Moms Program. All opinions are my own.***


Hey All!

The sun is shining and Summer is on it’s way! It’s these times when I’m super thankful to be a Coppertone® Water MOMS! They provided me with this amazing kit to keep away those pesky UV rays from me and my family here in Los Angeles.


Coppertone is also celebrating the “Great American Summer” and all the iconic images that go right along with it, from barbecues and beach bashes to fairs and fireworks. Throughout the summer season, our friends at Coppertone® will make sure we have the tools to continue those all important “sunversations” I will have with my fabulous readers. There is always a lot to discuss when it comes to safety from the sun. Making sun protection a priority for oneself as a parent can help children understand its importance. Talk to your kids about your own sun-smart routine is beneficial! We’re having lots of fun in the sun as you can see.


And I love that Coppertone is not only concerned with your skin’s safety but they have great tips for keeping your eyes safe as well from UV rays. Here is some info from their site:

“Did you know that the skin around children’s eyes is more delicate and vulnerable to UV rays than that of adults? UV rays can also be damaging to the eye itself. Here’s a tip: Involve your kids in picking out sunglasses that they will actually want to wear for use during outdoor activities, whether they are walking to the school bus or playing outside. Be sure to help them choose sunglasses that can block 99-100 percent of harmful UV rays.”

I know I always wonder about how often to apply sunscreen. Here is a great tool to help with that question!

Sometimes parents forget that sunscreen isn’t a once-only application. To help protect kids from UV rays throughout the day, parents should reapply their child’s sunscreen every two hours and/or after swimming, sweating or towel drying. If you’re on the go and need a little help remembering to reapply sunscreen to your kids, try handy tools like the Coppertone® MyUVAlert™ app, a free download for the iPhone or Android, with reapplication reminders that you can set for everyone in your family.

Thanks to Coppertone Water Moms for allowing us to have a fun safer summer in the sun!