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Hey all! So I love to bake anything and everything. It’s what I’m most good at when it comes to me being in the kitchen. I love to decorate my tasty (often sweet) creations and make them look unique. I don’t care if anyone ever sees them, it’s just something I enjoy doing. I’ve been seriously considering buying a Cricut Cake Machine, so that I can go into a cake decorating frenzy! I digress…

The Holidays and Halloween are a time when I really pull out all the stops and decorate my cakes, cupcakes, and cookies. For Halloween, I have a party every year and I always make my cemetery cake and some horror movie cupcakes with my favorite horror movie monster or character for all to enjoy.

This year,  I was looking for a way to do something new and original with my cupcakes and cemetery cake for Halloween. I took to the internet, as I usually do, to find new decorations and recipes and ideas. I was stoked when I found the store for The Cupcake Confessional!

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this online store! It has such amazing baking supplies for cupcakes and or cakes or cookies decorations. You can use anything on that site for a wide range of baked goods and decorating. Sussanah, the owner of The Cupcake Confessional describes herself as a “homebaker who loves to make all desserts look unique and special!” and I couldn’t relate more.

They have an amazing assortment of Halloween decorations at the moment that are perfect for anyone celebrating or throwing a Halloween Party or even if your starting a cupcake business this year. They have everything from Halloween themed cupcake baking cups to Halloween cupcake toppers, to bakers twine, to stickers to baggies, sprinkles, and candies.  There is a bunch of amazing items for Halloween and I wish I could get them all!

I did manage to narrow down what I really need for Halloween and snagged a number of goodies for my party!

I got an amazing Horror Movie Cupcake Kit!

This kit includes everything you need to recreate a scene from your favorite classic horror movies on your amazing Halloween cupcakes or treats.

It’s got old cars, trees, bushes, rifles, tombstones, zombie hands, green and chocolate sprinkles, baking cups, bats and a few other amazing decorations that you can use to make your scary cupcake movie come to life with! It such an amazing kit that comes with so much inside of it to decorate with! I love it so much! It’s such a cleaver kit to sell.

I’m actually going to use this kit to update my cemetery cake this year. I’m going to recreate a slasher movie with this kit.

In horror movies teenagers are always fooling around and boozing it up in old time cars in the woods or in a cemetery for some reason before they get attacked by Zombies, Jason, or Michael Myers, and the kit includes everything to make that happen.

I’m going to make my cemetery cake. Place the cars between the tombstones and trees. Place the rifles next to each car and some zombie hands coming out of the dirt. I’m also going to place these mini liquor bottles around the cars to show the drunken teenagers boozing it up.

I got 4 Whisky bottles separate from the Horror Movie Cupcake Kit at the Cupcake Confessional! They truly do have everything you need and want to use to decorate with!

Then I will place a little Mini figure with this Jason face on it holding one of the knives the Horror Movie Cupcake Kit includes! I just got and printed these Jason faces onto card stock from a site called Bake and Destroy!

You can get your own free Friday the 13th Jason faces by clicking this link: !

It’s going to be such an amazing cake and centerpiece for my party! I soooooo can’t wait to bake it all and decorate to my hearts content! And I’m happy to say it’s all thanks to The Cupcake Confessional’s amazing cake supplies!

I also picked up 12 Creepy Zombie Hand Cake or Cupcake Picks to place on the cupcakes that I’m making to surround the cemetery movie cake!

I’m making a cake and like 40 cup cakes for this party as well! So I need a lot to decorate with! I was also LUCKY to snag these Martha Stewart Cupcake and or cookie stencils to decorate the cupcakes with before they sold out on The Cupcake Confessional.

The stencils are so awesome and original! Sorry to say they are out of stock at the moment, but I hope they come back in stock soon so you can snag them too!

I also got these Mini Cupcake Baking Cups or liners you would call them because I’ll be making my own chocolate candies for the party! You can see the box for the chocolate bon bon kit in the pic showcasing all the products I bought! These mini cups came in a pack of 70 which I think is a great value!

You can make some mini cupcakes with these that are perfect for little children as well. I’m going to also be putting an assortment of candies along with the chocolates on a serving tray for my guests. Like these little bone candies. Don’t they look adorable in these mini cups!

Everything is going to be absolutely Spooktastic for this party! I can’t wait.

Again I wish I could have gotten everything in this store for this Halloween party like:

The Friendly Ghosts Cupcake Picks! They come in a pack of 12! Awesome.

Or this pack of 45 Candy Corn Standard Baking Cups!

Or these Jumbo Halloween Confetti Quins that come in a 4 Oz bag!

I would buy it all if I could. But I have to restrain myself sometimes!

The prices are really CHEAP and you really get a great value for everything you buy at The Cupcake Confessional! They really spare no detail with the decorations they offer and even how they package the items when they ship them too you is adorable. Everything besides the Horror Movie Cupcake kit came in these polka dot bags sealed with little stickers stamped with a cupcake. Too Cute!

The Cupcake Confessional Store also has their own blog that you should also check out that is filled with lots of fun recipes and ideas that are awesome!

Sussanah has fantastic recipes you can use for Halloween like this AMAZING True Blood Vampire themed cupcake recipe she calls Sookie’s Dark Forest Cupcakes! They are a perfect treat for Halloween or for your Halloween or True Blood parties, if you’re fan of the show. I know I am! CLICK HERE To get this amazing recipe!

So please check out her blog as well by clicking this link to get some amazing cupcake recipes to go along with the amazing decorations you buy from The Cup Cake Confessional!

My Halloween treats are going to be out of this world this year and it’s all thanks to Sussanah and my luck in finding The Cupcake Confessionals AMAZING STORE and blog!

So please check out The Cupcake Confessionals store by clicking HERE!

Snag some amazing HALLOWEEN baking and decorating products for yourself, so you too can have a fabulous time decorating your tasty treats for Halloween !

I promise you will love everything in this store!


The fabulous Sussanah at The Cupcake Confessional would love to GIVEAWAY an amazing HORROR MOVIE CUPCAKE KIT to ONE OF MY READERS for Halloween for you to enjoy decorating your tasty treats just as much as I will! YAY!



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**Disclosure: I received a sample Horror Movie Cupcake Kit and also purchased the rest of the items I stated I will be using for this Feature and Giveaway. All opinions are my own and I was not compensated or paid in any way for this feature post.**