Tasty Scented After School Coloring Fun!

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Mr. Sketch Scented Crayons Foodie

Hey All!

As some schools take off for Easter break, that means the kids will be home for at least a week. During this time, they’ll usually be home looking for something to do. To avoid having them play with video games all day or sitting in front of the TV all day, I like to make fun printables so the kidlets can color and use their imagination as well. Coloring also helps with hand eye coordination, in case you didn’t know. I just got a bunch of new Mr. Sketch Scented Twistable Crayons™, which make coloring and drawing all the more fun! These awesome twistable crayons take coloring to a whole new level. They combine bright colors with your child’s favorite scents to create a wild sensory experience that feeds the imagination. Heck, they are fun for the whole family. I even love them because I love the way they smell! It surely is some Tasty Scented After School Coloring Fun!

Mr. Sketch Scented Crayons Packs

The fun never stops thanks to a unique twist design that eliminates the need to stop and sharpen. Woot! They also come in a hard plastic body which reduces crayon breakage. This is a god send because we go through crayons like nobody’s business. We all like to make sure our colors are vibrant on our page, so needless to say there are a lot of broken crayons because of pressing too hard. Thankfully we don’t have to worry about that with these fun new crayons!

Mr. Sketch Scented Crayons Food Printable

Since these crayons smell like some of our favorite tasty treats, I decided to draw up a printable featuring some of them. The crayons don’t exactly smell like the treats I made in the printable, but they remind me of some of them. I just love the way these treats look as well. I knew it would be fun to color and complex enough to stimulate the kidlets minds. The crayons come in scents like watermelon, strawberry ice cream, cherry, orange, banana, mint, apple, blueberry, grape, cinnamon, black raspberry, and white vanilla icing. These are all scents that remind us of so many fun times and tasty treats we love to eat. Who doesn’t love the scent of white vanilla icing?!! I know I do!

Mr. Sketch Scented Crayons Foodie Free Printable

If you want to have some tasty treats coloring fun with your own family, You can download this fun printable by CLICKING HERE or ON THE IMAGE BELOW!


Tasty treats do make us very happy and so does coloring in those treats! If you’re child hasn’t had these treats before, you can have fun coloring them in and matching the smells to the treats to teach them what they would smell like once they do get the privilege of having them. We all know they are going to have them one day. You might as well show them what they are now! Make it a coloring matching game.

Mr. Sketch Scented Crayons Big and Small

We also used them during Saint Patrick’s Day, which was fun to color in those Leprechauns and learn about Saint Patrick!

Foodie Free Printable

The coloring fun is endless when you have such creative and unique crayons like the new Mr. Sketch Scented Twistable Crayons™!

For more info on these incredible crayons check out their website www.mrsketch.com.

The website is interactive, so your kids will have a blast with the website as well!

You will definitely make coloring even more fun with Mr. Sketch Scented Twistable Crayons™!

What do you and your family enjoy coloring?