Tee With A Cause On T-Shirt Tuesdays! #TShirtTuesdays

Find Some Amazing and Fun Tees On T-Shirt Tuesdays! #TshirtTuesdays


Hey All!

It’s T-Shirt Tuesday and today I’m bringing you a very special Tee I just got!


It’s from the FEED USA line at target and target.com. With the purchase of this tee I helped provide 14 meals for children and families in need across America. Like with all FEED products a small purchase can help so many. I also think this shirt is adorable and it’s really light and comfortable too.

And I love the color. If you’re looking for a great tee that also allows you to do something good for people in need I highly recommend you run out to Target and get yourself some feed products. I got this tee and the cookie cutters, but they have many other adorable tees as well.

I hope to see you again next week for another T-Shirt Tuesday!