Ten tips for saving money during the back-to-school season.

Hey all! Here are ten quick tips I wanted to share with you for saving money during the back-to-school season.

1. Shop at the 99 Cent Only Store! They have name brands like mead and disney as well as organic foods for only 99 cents! You can find your local 99 cent only store by clicking here!

2. Always check your Sunday Newspaper fliers for great back to school savings! If you don’t get the Sunday paper you can always go directly to the stores website like Target.com to see their new flier each week.

3. Check your local thrift store for great clothes and back packs! I have found plenty of in style, brand new, with tags still on the items at thrift or second hand stores.

4. Get yourself a Wrap N Mat or Wrap N Mat Pouch to pack lunches with! It’s reusable and it will save you a ton of money on how to pack your child’s lunch! You can get one by clicking here!

5. Get yourself a Costco Card! If you are like me and your drive your kid to school Costco has the cheapest Gas if you’re lucky to have a Costco with a gas station in it. You can also get good deals on stocking up on lunch snacks! You can sign up to Costco by clicking here!

6. Look online for coupons! coupons.com is great!

7. Follow coupon blogs, I follow Deal Seeking Mom! She has lots of deals and the location of the coupons

8. Invest in quality clothes for your kids so you won’t have to worry about constantly buying clothes throughout the year.

9. Try to contact the school and the teachers for your kids upcoming classes to make a list of exactly what your kids need so You don’t waste money getting the wrong items!

10. Last but not least! Buy the year ahead of time. Once the Back to School time period at stores has ended all the Back to School stuff goes on sale! You should stock up then for next year! I’ve gotten lots of paper and folders that I bought last year for this year.

I hope this list helps for you’re back to school shopping!

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