Hey all!

I just wanted to quickly share something about the lovely folks at Delta.  I have to say in times of emergencies and need it’s nice to know that there is ONE airline that doesn’t lose it’s customer service when times are rough! I did try to get through on the phone to Delta to get a flight after my Horrible experience with Jet Blue but couldn’t get through, but luckily their website was still working fine and I managed to get us flights easily to get us home.

I went online today to twitter to tell Delta of my ordeal and to check and see if they had any non stop flights and to learn about the Free wifi they are offering on their flights and unlike @jetblue that took 2 hours to respond, the amazing Jeff at @DeltaAssist quickly responded within like 2 minutes and he managed to get me an aisle seat, since I had a procedure done to prevent me from getting cervical cancer that makes me go to the bathroom so I need an aisle seat, and Free wifi with no problems!

He treated me sympathetically and like an actual person and that’s all anyone can ask for right. I look forward to flying with them once again and I’ll be tweeting and blogging from the plane thanks to them!

Everyone should Fly DELTA AND FOLLOW @DeltaAssist and @delta on twitter for the latest deals!

Thank you Delta!

**Disclosure: I was not contacted by delta to post this, I simply wanted to share Delta’s great customer service with my readers.**