Free Printable Thanksgiving Bucket List!

Want to make sure you make the most of your Thanksgiving at home this year? Check out this Free Printable Thanksgiving Bucket List and make plans to mark every item off this list!

Hey All!

With Thanksgiving only a few days away, I wanted to share a fun printable I made to make sure I make the most out of the holiday. Check out this Free Printable Thanksgiving Bucket List! It contains some of my favorite activities to do with my family on Thanksgiving! I’m sure it has a few of your favorite Thanksgiving activities too!

You might be able to mark some of these off your list already. For example you may already have a Thanksgiving themed tiered tray decorating your table.

I know I can’t wait to toast my friends and family over zoom and have some turkey. I’m making a pecan pie this year and I’m praying it turns out ok!

We shared some recipes with each other, so we’re all making the same things at home for Thanksgiving. That way when we’re zooming and chatting on Thanksgiving, we can all be eating the same thing. It’s a fun idea you can still try!

Just email out your recipes and start planning your Zoom Thanksgiving! And you can download this Free Printable Thanksgiving Bucket List HERE and share it with your friends and family. You can all mark off the bucket list and do it together too!

I hope this helps you have an amazing and fun Thanksgiving!

Happy Almost Gobble Gobble Day!

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