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Have you ever been in a long-term, committed relationship that felt like it was more fizzle than sizzle? What did you do to pick yourself out of that rut? Chances are, you attempted to improve the relationship by doing anything from going out on date nights, to staying in and attempting risqué things in the boudoir. If that’s not enough to make you blush and your toes curl, maybe director Jake Kasdan’s raunchcom SEX TAPE can help. Take a look at the clip below that features Cameron Diaz’s mom blogger character, Annie, posing an intimate question to her readers.

In the film, Annie and Jay (Jason Segel) were once a hot n’ heavy couple, but because of work stress and two young kids, haven’t been able to find time for themselves. That is until Annie comes up with the brilliant idea to make a sex tape. After the all night session results in success, Jay makes the mistake of not deleting it and it’s sent to all their friends and family. Oops! Hijinks, hilarity and some healing ensues.

Cameron Diaz;Jason Segel

Since I had so much fun at the film’s recent press day in Los Angeles, I wanted to share with you a few fun, behind-the-scenes stories from the set that you may not know about the hilarious and surprisingly heartfelt feature.

5. On the day of the shoot, the German shepherd chase sequence didn’t exactly go as planned.

Segel states, “We showed up on set, ready for a real action packed sequence and it was the sweetest, friendliest dog you’ve ever seen in your life. We ended up making him scary looking with some special stuff. When you see the unedited footage, it just looked like Jay is a total wimp, ‘cuz I’m like terrified running from the sweetest dog.”

Cameron Diaz;Jason Segel;Rob Lowe

4. It was important the sex tape idea came from the Annie character.

Diaz agrees,“We liked that a lot. In this sexist world that we live in, it’s sort of like, ‘She must have been pushed into it.’ Because no woman really wants to have sex, right?! The fact that she has the idea, lets women own their desires, needs and healthy thoughts about sex.” On his script he co-wrote with Kate Angelo and Nicholas Stoller, Segel explains, “It’s always been important for Nick and I to serve our female characters really well and not try to objectify any of our characters. Having it be a female-driven script, as you were saying, it’s really easy to fall into the pitfall of this becoming objectifying. Of course I want to make the sex tape, but it would feel like a different thing – it would feel like Jay pressuring Annie to make this sex tape.”

3. Cameron Diaz and Jason Segel came up with different silly positions and props in the heat of the moment.

Segel responds to me saying, “We were!” Diaz mimics, “Can we have a salami in here, you guys?” Segel continues, “It was the two of us, Jake Kasdan and our prop guy, Jimmy, deserves a lot of credit. It was the four of us really throwing everything we could at the wall and seeing what stuck.” Diaz adds the comedic stinger, “Ew!”


2. Cameron Diaz and Jason Segel find singing on screen to be more nerve-wracking than nudity.

Without missing a beat, Diaz, who did karaoke in MY BEST FRIEND’S WEDDING, answers, “Singing is terrifying.” Segel quickly concurred, “To be honest, there’s an image of what the Hollywood actor body should look like. But the reality is people are all built differently. I always appreciate regular people doing their job, but you really don’t want to hear an average singer. Even a painting, there’s something subjective about it, but you can hear a wrong note.”


1. Filmmakers didn’t find their Howard until the 11th hour.

Audiences will notice immediately that actor Harrison Holzer, who plays Annie and Jay’s best friend’s son Howard, hijacks scenes from Segel and Diaz. Kasdan says, “It was really hard to find him. That you would buy it and not just seem like an overly arch comedy idea – he would feel like an actual person who would do this, but was complicated enough that it was emotional. It was the only thing that was a struggle. We were getting close and I said to my casting director, ‘I need to see a few more.’ And then the next day, they sent me this tape and I was like, ‘Woah!’ Originally, he was a little younger in the script, but I thought it doesn’t matter – this doesn’t come along real often. He could improvise hard jokes in perfect joke form and some of the dirtiest stuff I’ve ever heard in my life. Like this kid is offending my sensibilities – and I made BAD TEACHER for a year and a half. To the point of [starts laughing] I’m not sure we can have this.”

SEX TAPE opens on July 18 and is rated R.

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