The Behind The Scenes Of Making Disney’s Aladdin!


Hey All!

As you all know, I was recently invited to attend a bunch of media events in honor of the release of my favorite Disney animated film Aladdin! It’s coming out of the Disney vault in a special Diamond Edition Blu-ray on October 13th. I’ve gotten to chat with one of the Directors of the film Ron Clements and I also got to sit down with the voice of Aladdin Scott Weinger. It’s been a magic carpet ride of an experience, to say the least.

Scott Weinger-Director of Aladdin

I love to see the behind-the-scenes journey of bringing my favorite animated films to life. It’s such an amazing collaboration of so many amazing artists and filmmakers. This film was overflowing with Disney Legends and talent that brought this incredibly special movie to life. It’s been an honor getting so much behind the scenes experiences on this Disney masterpiece.

I wanted to giveyou all a little hint of some behind the scenes as well, so here is a clip of the Directors of Aladdin, John Musker and Ron Clements, talking about how they brought Aladdin to the big screen. It’s so great to see as they are adorable and almost like an old married couple the way they tease each other. You just have to see this fantastic clip below!

I hope you enjoy this clip and don’t forget to pick up your copy of Disney’s Diamond Edition Aladdin Blu-ray on Oct. 13th! There are so many more amazing bonus features on the Blu-ray that you don’t want to miss!


I was solely invited to a media trip for this Disney title.