The Best Birthday Gift From LeapFrog®!

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Leapfrog Magic Adventures Telescope

Hey All!

This week was my son’s birthday and thanks to the amazing folks at LeapFrog®, we got to celebrate it with the most incredible gift! We got the amazing LeapFrog® Magic Adventures™ Telescope and a STEAM activity filled box as a gift. My son is obsessed with space, rocket ships and astronauts, so this was absolutely the best gift ever for him!

Leapfrog Magic Adventures Telescope

We love it, as kids can discover things that are out of this world with the Magic Adventures™ Telescope!

Leapfrog Magic Adventures Telescope

It is a fun and exciting STEAM adventure filled gift to fuel kids’ galactic journeys and imaginations!

Leapfrog Magic Adventures Telescope Gift box

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for those kids in your life that love space, the LeapFrog® Magic Adventures™ Telescope makes the perfect gift! He could not wait to open this box! We were going to wrap it, but we loved the box that it came in. So, we left it as is!

Leapfrog Magic Adventures Telescope

He opened it up and found so much space themed fun inside.

Glow in the dark stars

He was so excited! He got these fun Glow In The Dark Stars, which he immediately had to dump out and place all over his room and the house.

Glow in the dark stars

He then got a Space themed Coloring Book and these cool Space Colored Pencils.

space coloring book

He has never seen Space themed colored pencils, so he immediately had to color in his Space themed coloring book to see how they worked.

Leapfrog Magic Adventures Telescope

He also got a book called “What’s Hidden In The Sky”. He couldn’t wait to read this at bed time!

Leapfrog Magic Adventures Telescope

And the best birthday gift of them all inside the box was the LeapFrog® Magic Adventures™ Telescope! He took a minute to just admire and read the box. He even tried it while it was still inside the box!

Leapfrog Magic Adventures Telescope

After admiring the box, he immediately had to get it out of the box and get it built. We built it very easily and the learning fun began instantly!

Leapfrog Magic Adventures Telescope

We love that the LeapFrog® Magic Adventures™ Telescope offers an interactive, hands-on experience of science and engineering principles for kids eager to discover the universe. He can learn so much from this gift!

Leapfrog Magic Adventures Telescope

If you’re not using it as a telescope to look up at the sky, it also has over 100 amazing videos and images, courtesy of NASA and the European Space Agency, that kids can view and deepen their space knowledge by exploring the solar system, star life cycles, constellations and more! How cool is that?

Leapfrog Magic Adventures Telescope

The digital learning content mode is just as interesting for kids as the real telescope mode, so kids are equipped to understand what they observe in the night sky!

Leapfrog Magic Adventures Telescope

The digital screen and the telescope are very easy to use. They make it easy for children to see what the telescope is pointed at, without needing to look through an eyepiece.

Leapfrog Magic Adventures Telescope

The screen also allows for multiple people to simultaneously view what the telescope is pointing at. This means parents can share in the learning space adventure!

Leapfrog Magic Adventures Telescope

He was playing thrilling space-themed games on the screen while we waited for the sun to go down and the moon to come out.

Leapfrog Magic Adventures Telescope

He could not wait to focus his awesome new telescope on the stars and moon. With the telescope kids can see with up to 110x zoom on this real telescope.

Leapfrog Magic Adventures Telescope

Kids can even take captures and save images of fascinating discoveries they make with the telescope and explore the Cosmic Cards it comes with featuring striking visuals and out-of-this-world facts.

Leapfrog Magic Adventures Telescope

This is definitely a birthday gift that is going to keep giving for a very long time! It’s truly an out of this world birthday gift for space loving kids! Especially homeschool space loving kids!

Highly recommend you check out the LeapFrog® Magic Adventures™ Telescope on Amazon now!

Leapfrog Magic Adventures Telescope

Thanks so much again to LeapFrog® for sponsoring this post and for this amazing gift!

Thanks to all of you for supporting the amazing brands like this one who help keep this Brite & Bubbly party going!



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    This is such a great way to make learning fun! I think any adventurous kid would love this.

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    This is fully awesome! I would have loved that when I was a kid.

  • " target="_blank">Jen

    Happy birthday to your son! LeapFrog has great educational toys. My daughter used to have a few products from them as a child!

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    That is such a great package. My kids would have loved this when they were younger. This is such a great idea. Leapfrog is one of my favorite brands for kids.

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    This is a really great and perfect gift for my son! Thanks for sharing this with us

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    Leap Frog is one of the best! My kiddos used to enjoy their toys back when they were little.

  • " target="_blank">SONIA

    his is really cool. I will buy this for my friend’s son. I wish I had something like this when I was 5 years old.

  • " target="_blank">Luna S

    I love the leapfrog brand! They were such a huge help when we were getting our kids ready for school and teaching them an assortment of things.

  • " target="_blank">Tatanisha

    This is a seriously cool birthday present!! Leapfrog continues to make amazing products that are FUN but provide value!! Love it!

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    What a fun gift idea for birthdays. My niece has a birthday coming up in November and I know she’ll love this!

  • " target="_blank">Olga

    What an interesting gift. My oldest son is 5 years old, and maybe it is time to give him a telescope for Christmas. My son loves stars, planets and space.

  • " target="_blank">Marysa

    What a great gift! This sounds like something memorable, and it is nice that it has an educational component too.

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    My son will really enjoy getting this as a gift and I think it is the perfect gift for him!

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    This is great and nice to gift like this for birthdays. I will share it with my aunt because her son’s birthday coming soon.

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    Kids are always so enamored with space, and this is the perfect gift for cultivating that love. Such a fun birthday idea!