The Best Disney Themed Face Masks!

Hey All!

Since we all should be pretty much wearing masks at all times these days, I figured I would help my amazing readers and followers bring a little Disney magic to your face masks. I rounded up all of my favorite masks from some of my favorite from Shop Disney, some small businesses I found making masks, and friends whom I’ve ordered masks from.  We ALL should be wearing face masks when we leave our houses to keep ourselves and those around us safe. Sorry if this analogy is too much info, but just think about Covid-19 this way. It’s like a nasty STD that EVERYONE may have and you don’t know who has it! You need to wear protection at all times to make sure you don’t catch it. Does that make sense. When you don’t know if a person has an STD you where protection to keep you safe. Just think of your masks the same way you think about any forms of protection you use to keep yourself from getting a virus or STD. IT’S THAT SIMPLE FOLKS!

Ok I’m off my soap box. Here are my favorite Disney Masks!

1. Grape Soda Co.

Photo By Grape Soda Co.

Grape Soda Co. was one of the first masks I bought and I bought her DIY Mask Kit. She sells kits to make these masks you see above that are beyond adorable. She also sells limited amounts of already made masks. Watch her instagram account for sale updates!

2. Mice & Thread

Photo By Mice & Thread

The ink and paint line is one of my favorite lines Disney released this year and to have a mask and matching bow is amazing! I love these and ordered these for me and my boy!

3. Spray on the Glitter:

Photo By Spray on Glitter

These adorable winnie the poo masks come in adult and kids sizes!

4. 3 Mice and A Castle:

Photo By 3 Mice & A Castle

This fruity mickey mask comes in adult and teen sizes and is the perfect little summer print masks. I love the fruity design of this mask. Toooooo cute!

5. Seam Sisters:

Photo By Seam Sisters

Dumbo is my husbands favorite Disney Cartoon, so when I saw this adorable mask, I knew I had to include it in this round up! It’s so cute and well made!

6. Shop Disney:

Shop Disney came out with their own masks and you can pre-order them now. I got one of each that you see below! Each comes in a set of 4 and they come in sizes Small, Medium, and Large. You measure your face how it says on the size chart to figure out your size.

This Mickey and Friends set

Photos by Shop Disney

These Star Wars Masks

And these Marvel Masks

7. Disney Aces:

Photo By Disney Aces

This shop makes the cutest Disney food character masks! They are out of stock at the moment but will be back in stock soon. So keep an eye out to their Instagram or shop for when they are!

I hope you snag yourself some of these adorable masks while you still can. You’re going to need them once Disney Parks reopen as I’m sure masks are going to be required for some time.

Happy Mask Shopping Folks!

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