The Boxtrolls At San Diego Comic Con 2014!


Hey All!

I just got back from Comic Con and I’m happy to say I survived and managed to get into Hall H on a Saturday. It’s not an easy task to do in case you don’t know anything about San Diego Comic Con. We literally camped out a day to get in. We were determined to see those Saturday panels which included an amazing panel about the upcoming film The Boxtrolls!

In attendance was Elle Fanning…


Isaac Hempstead-Wright (who you may know from Game of Thrones)…


And the amazing Sir Ben Kingsley!



They chatted about their respective roles in the film and how happy they were to be a part of the film. Elle discussed how she’s happy to work with Laika as her sister worked with them on their Coraline. She was honored to be asked to voice one of their films like her sister was.

Isaac Hempstead-Wright felt his character looks like him in the film and he also shared how refreshing it was to do something so different work wise.

Sir Ben Kingsley shared how he recorded most of his lines laying down so that he could create the voice he wanted for his character in the film. He also shared how he isn’t asked to do much voice over work, so he was thrilled to get the opportunity to do a film which solely relied on his vocal work.

CEO and President Travis Knight who also animates on the film was also in attendance with the Directors Anthony Staachi and Graham Annable. They shared how they are trying to make a film that is unique and unlike anything out there in animation. Travis went as far to say, “We don’t rely on fart jokes! This isn’t Dreamworks.” The crowd cheers and wowed when he said this. It really showcased how passionate he is about the film as not only does he run the studio, he spends thousands of hours animating the film as well.


They showed some footage of him that was accelerated showcasing him moving the puppets and animating.

The panel was quite fun and it was great to see The Boxtrolls getting so much attention at Comic Con! At the end of the panel myself and the entire Hall H recorded a get well message to Tracey Morgan which you can check out below. Hope he’s back on his feet soon!



I can’t wait to see the completed film!

THE BOXTROLLS  is in Theaters Everywhere including Real-D screens on September 26th!

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